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February 10, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Let's focus on human lives, not gun 'lives'

Re: the Feb. 1 article "Group seeks to ban destruction of guns that owners turn in."

I didn't think politics in Arizona could get any more embarrassing, but then I read this article. Now it seems that some want guns themselves to have rights. They have taken on lives of their own.

When will common sense and reasonableness return to our collective thinking? When will all people genuinely care more about protecting the lives of human beings than the "lives" of guns?

I can only hope it's sooner rather than later, after yet another tragic massacre.

Polly Seeger


Gerrymandering: Leaders picking voters

Re: the Feb. 4 article "Redistrict panelists can claim immunity"

Every time I read about the battles between our state legislators and the Independent Redis-tricting Commission, I'm reminded of Stephen Colbert's definition of gerrymandering.

He said voting districts used to be where the voters got to pick their leaders. Now, with gerrymandering, the leaders get to pick their voters. Too true, I believe.

David Lucas

Retired, Tucson

Get road crews to work fixing those potholes

Re: the Feb. 3 guest opinion "City ready to host Gem showcase."

City Manager Richard Miranda's article makes no mention of the potholes a person has to drive over to get to the gem show venues. Many of these potholes are now sinkholes.

Take for example Grant Road from Oracle to Craycroft. This is a road Miranda needs to drive. If his city car survives without having to have major repairs, I would be surprised.

If the city of Tucson wants to showcase the gem show, it must have decent, driveable roads to these venues. I recently fell into one of these sinkholes and thought I lost my car.

How about loading up a dump truck with hot asphalt, a driver, flagman, two shovelers on the back, filling sinkholes from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, like we used to do?

Herbert Sautter

Retired city of Tucson engineering, Tucson

Use taxes for public, not private, schools

Both State Sen. Al Melvin and Jim Click boasted about Arizona's support of education on your editorial page.

Click likes the Empowerment Scholarship Account program using state funds to provide scholarships to private schools. And Melvin has long voted to gut public K-12 while favoring tax credits for private schools.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find it extremely disturbing that the Legislature wants our hard-earned taxes to support private schools instead of focusing available funds on public schools - on "public education."

Private schools can be great, too. We sent one of our children to a private school and my husband was as an administrator at a private college. But we never expected public tax money to support those entities.

Arizona legislators and community leaders, please invest our taxes in "public education" to help Arizonans prepare for the jobs that will provide a healthy economy for Arizona's future.

Judy Kany

Retired, SaddleBrooke

Gay scoutmasters shouldn't be an option

I was a scoutmaster in the '70s. Ours was a highly active troop, with about 10 campouts or outings per year. Our meetings were always educational. We had leadership meetings with senior scouts at my house. My only issue at that time was getting enough parent involvement.

In the '70s there was a push to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts. Nothing new today; just another stab at this great program.

I know, and will never forget, the many times where I felt I had as much or more quality time talking with some of these boys, one to one, than some had with their own dad on a weekly basis. It is a special and important opportunity for any adult figure and for many of these boys.

Allowing gays to be scout-masters is not an option for those who wish to save this program or care to protect these boys. Thanks for speaking up, Gov. Perry.

Mike Ebert

Small-business owner, Tucson

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