Arizona should protect equal rights

Re: the Feb. 27 article “Brewer kills SB 1062 as flawed legislation.”

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer may have vetoed SB 1062 but the state is still a far cry from accepting its LGBT citizens.

The state needs to ensure equal treatment for all residents.

In a report released last week by the Equal Rights Center, a national testing investigation showed rampant discrimination against older, same-sex couples seeking senior housing, particularly in Arizona.

Of the 10 states tested, Arizona had the highest rate of discriminatory treatment — 80 percent of testers in a same-sex couple experienced at least one form of adverse differential treatment as they looked for a home.

Arizona does not need legislation that enables discrimination. To the contrary, the state urgently needs protections against harassment and unfair treatment targeted against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Melissa Rothstein

Deputy director, Equal Rights Center

A business should decide whom it serves

Why all this hoopla over Senate Bill 1062? Apparently, some Arizonans are missing the point regarding a business establishment refusing service to individuals.

If a person risks his or her time, money and effort to open a business, that person should be allowed to choose whom he or she will serve: This is not an issue of discrimination based upon sexual preference or any other bias.

What happened to the tenet displayed on so many signs in business establishments: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”? Everyone who risks opening a business should have the right to choose their customers.

Ken Wright

Retired, Tucson

Register Republican, vote for moderates

Re: the Feb. 27 column “Don’t abandon Arizona to extremist right-wing Republicans.”

Sarah Garrecht Gassen’s column strongly suggest the answer: if you cannot beat them, join them. A vast majority of registered Democrats and Independents should re-register as Republicans and vote in the Republican primary for moderate candidates. This is the only way to put adults in the Capitol.

Dan Williams

Retired engineer, Tucson

Celebrate SB 1062 victory, but be on guard

Thank you to the clergy, politicians of all stripes, opinion and editorial writers, and everyone else who spoke out against the blatantly discriminatory legislation of SB 1062. Thank you Gov. Brewer for the veto.

Thank you to the Republican legislators who supported SB 1062 for providing an opportunity to see your effort to move the civil rights clock back to the 19th century. Hopefully enough of your constituents will recognize the need for change in your districts.

The fight for civil rights for all will continue until everyone, regardless of sexual preference, skin tone or ethnicity is treated equally. Celebrate the moment but remain vigilant as the battle is not over.

Stuart A. Ulanoff

Retired, Tucson