Careless smokers can cause large fires

While driving east on Interstate 10 Saturday night I was passing a utility truck pulling a small pavement roller. As I passed, the driver flipped a lit cigarette out his window. This careless act could cause a major fire, with loss of property or life.

We ban fireworks because they are dangerous during fire season year-round. We should also ban smoking as it causes fires through the acts of careless smokers.

Richard Leland

Retired law enforcement officer, Benson

Nothing funny about hearing loss

I have witnessed an extreme lack of understanding by the general public regarding hearing impairment. I have observed other sufferers subjected to rude, insulting, unkind remarks and even mockery that was unbelievably construed as humorous.

The uninformed participants may include cashiers, clerks and a variety of others. I'm certain the blind are not treated in this manner, and this may be due to its tangible nature whereas hearing is intangible.

No one chooses this deficiency, and mine originated from having served in the U.S. Army well over 50 years ago. May I suggest everyone be more understanding, patient and compassionate and not treat the handicapped as mentally deficient. And no, I do not exercise selective hearing. So please bear with us - this malady is remarkably devoid of humor.

John F. Westhoff

Retired, Green Valley

Don't cut jobs related to global warming

Empirical data by experts say there is no global warming. It gets hot in the summer, cold in winter. Yet the president insists there is and causes job losses by cutting jobs he says cause global warming.

This is happening at a time when jobs are badly needed to pay down our trillions in debt and get people off the dole.

Rosemary Tomy


End-of-life treatment the focus of coalition

Re: the June 24 article "End-of-life document is quietly entering use."

Thank you so much for publishing this article on end of life documents. I appreciate it, especially the referral to Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatments (POLST).

I am happy to report that St. Joseph's Hospice in Scottsdale has received a grant to institute POLST and a coalition to get Arizona to become a POLST state has formed.

Several of us from Tucson are part of the coalition, which has monthly conference calls.

Del Jones

Retired, Tucson

Snowden not an accidental traitor

Re: the June 25 letter to the editor "US wrong to label Snowden a traitor."

The administration has taken heat from an aggressive conservative media for accusing Edward Snowden of espionage.

A Chinese newspaper states that he handed China a great deal of information through hours of debriefing, after admitting to reporters that he deliberately went to work for a U.S. intelligence contractor to gather highly classified information of the National Security Agency's surveillance programs he hoped to expose.

He took the job because it would give him access to computers around the world. It was not a spur of the moment decision.

Snowden complains about violations of civil liberties in America. So where does he travel? China, Russia - with a goal of ending up in Ecuador, a government that passed a law that will silence free speech. All of these countries have great records on civil liberties.

This traitor has done irreparable damage to our security.

Sheldon Metz

Retired, Tucson

Woes written in rhyme about Rosemont Mine

Re: the June 18 article "Rosemont Mine's water permit upheld."

Rosemont Mine,

Do you think they oughta

Poison the lands,

Use our precious water?

Lots of jobs for moms and pops

Until the price of copper drops

.... And the mining stops.

Come on now, couldn't you guess

What's left behind is an awful mess.

Promises made - just weren't kept

And we and the Santa Ritas wept.

Don't give in to the money's allure

Let's keep our lands clean and pure.

Dennis Winsten

Consultant, Tucson

Cordial discussion leads to complete solutions

Life is life and not many lives are different in thoughts, words and deeds. More can be accomplished by the act of courtesy, listening, arguing or even disagreeing in cordial exchange. What does one gain by falsehoods or language that threatens or dehumanizes each other? If one can talk and discuss, a complete wise solution can come. One should give it a try.

Let us all try this journey.

Mary Coronado

Artist, Tucson