Outrage over CPS smacks of hypocrisy

I am so angry about this dumping on Child Protective Services! The agency is not the issue. The questions should be about why there are thousands of abused children. When did it become OK to abuse kids? Why aren’t legislators looking into that?

And having the very people that made the policies that have created a huge underclass in Arizona investigating CPS? The word hypocrisy does not convey the disgust!

Each of those legislators should work at the job of a CPS worker for one week and then see why cases are not investigated. Maybe a dose of poverty, substance abuse, cultural differences or mental illness will help them understand why CPS and caseworkers are not the offender.

As long as the majority of legislators and politicians (and their supporters) continue to cut education funding, make health care unavailable, devalue teaching, cut social programs and vilify birth control, this abuse will continue and grow.

Anita Fox

Retired, Bisbee

Religious objectors

still have to obey laws

The folks at Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood and many others need to recognize one thing: once that insurance premium dollar leaves your wallet, you have no control. You follow the law, and Obamacare is the law. It’s the same with taxes; you have no control on how those dollars are spent.

Even if they go to fund an immoral war in Iraq. It is the job of the legislators you elect to decide how your tax dollars are used, and the same applies to insurance administrators. My religion tells me that taxes are immoral, but somehow, that doesn’t fly with the Internal Revenue Service.

James Torrey

Retired, Tucson

Our ‘know nothing’ president

During the murders and after the attack on Benghazi, Obama as well as Hillary Clinton used the same phrase that Sgt. Schultz would use on “Hogan’s Heroes” — “I know nothing.”

During the uproar caused by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ botched Fast and Furious operation — linked to the death of a Border Patrol agent — Obama as well as the Justice Department claimed they “knew nothing.” When the National Security Agency was accused of illegal spying, Obama “knew nothing.” When the Internal Revenue Service was found to be investigating conservative groups that disagreed with the administration’s policy, Obama “knew nothing.”

Now the Obama administration is about to curtail many sanctions that brought Iran to the so-called “peace table” and send more billions to the worst terrorist nation in the world, who still is determined to obliterate Israel.

I guess this guy really does “know nothing.”

Peter Stotzheim

Retired, Tucson