An offbeat take

on Syrian crisis

The president says bomb we must, or else my “red line” is a bust.

Congress is now in a dither, as more billions we will fritter.

Steve Wilhelm

Green Valley

McCain’s clear goal

is boots on the ground

Re: the Sept. 6 article “Majority at Tucson meeting reject McCain’s call for action.”

Sen. John McCain has come home to assure us that there will be no “boots on the ground” in the almost certain bombing of Syria to come. He offers only double-talk, and fortunately the good citizens of Tucson have, for the most part, not bought his masquerade.

The “three-part measure” for what he contends are the objectives of bombing — and that he amended to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s resolution to authorize the “use of force” — clearly opens the door to full-out attacks on Syria.

According to the article, these “measures” are to “degrade … Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons,” to “give weapons to the Free Syrian Army” and to “reverse the momentum on the battlefield” in favor of that army. The real purpose behind these measures is to advance toward the inevitable: boots on the ground. Our boots!

John M. Wilson

Retired UA professor, Tucson

Fitz cartoon failed

to make its point

Re: the Sept. 7 editorial cartoon by David Fitzsimmons.

I saw Fitz’s cartoon and had trouble figuring out the point. Does Fitz support an attack on Syria or is Fitz promoting Obama because if he acts, it will be alone?

While in office, Obama has tried to portray himself as a compassionate leader, earning the Nobel Peace Prize and eliminating all fear of the U.S. abroad. Obama led, from behind, an air war against Libya because thousands of citizens who opposed the regime had been killed.

Obama threatened Assad; Obama drew a line in the sand as a warning to Assad and now, with the line crossed, what is next?

Obama had a choice: Move forward with attacks against Syria on his own, proving to be the military leader that the drone program had implied, or stop, wait, look, listen, take a poll, ask Congress, talk big on the Sunday shows.

Well, it appears we have our answer. Most important, once again, Obama has appeased Putin from Russia and not angered Iran.

LH Hancock

Accountant, Tucson