UA’s tobacco ban

is the right thing to do

Re: the July 14 article “UA might forbid all tobacco products.”

It is with great vigor that I applaud the UA’s decision to prohibit smoking across campus, including outdoors. It will be effective Aug. 15.

Just two days after the Star printed the article saying the ban had been proposed, there were letters stating that this policy limits freedom.

That is exactly what smokers had been doing for many years without even giving it a thought. They were infringing on the freedom of those who did not wish to be exposed to secondhand smoke.

When our state’s smoke-free act went into effect on May 1, 2007, I rejoiced. My nightlife in bars and clubs soared.

The campus will also be cleaner in a way most do not even think of.

There will be no more butts that are carelessly discarded, being tossed everywhere.

When the exercising of one person’s rights intrudes on that of another, action is required.

Good job, UA.

Christopher Van Haaften

School bus driver, Tucson

Sun Tran needs improvement

Re: the July 27 letter “Sun Tran is providing exceptional service.”

In response to the letter praising Sun Tran’s service, I believe the author’s one ride on an express route is too small a sample size to accurately assess the system.

The majority of bus routes are not express routes.

As someone who has ridden the bus for several years, I have found far too many of the buses to be overcrowded and late during the time people go to work.

The bus schedule is often inconvenient for people’s work hours.

Personally, I have had to be late for work on Saturdays because the earliest bus would arrive at my job after my start time.

On Mondays, I would have to leave work early in order to catch the last bus leaving the area at 7 p.m.

On weekends, most routes run once an hour, creating long wait times or forcing people to walk to their destinations. These issues and others should have been addressed before implementing a streetcar that goes only a few miles.

Gerald Hitchye

Communications coordinator, Tucson

Why not privatize

UA sports?

The transition of the University of Arizona’s hospitals to Banner ought to facilitate the further privatization of university functions and activities.

As reported, the UA’s major sports coaches will receive considerable earmarked funds from a private donor.

Why not go one step beyond? The Los Angeles Clippers’ basketball franchise is on the block for $2 billion.

What might the University of Arizona’s football team bring, its basketball team, its baseball team? Tucson could certainly benefit from a set of high level professional sports franchises.

With the proceeds, the state could reduce taxes; the financial windfall could reduce university tuition and better prepare its bellwether academic programs for sale or lease.

Further, some of the proceeds could be diverted to produce an office worthy of the new university president.

It would be a win-win for everyone.

Let’s “Bear Down!”

Herbert Krauss

Retired professor and psychologist, Tucson

‘Warrior Poet’

was a great article

Re: the July 27 article “The warrior poet.”

To give credit where credit’s due: Last year, the Star printed a poem about the Prescott firefighters; I complained about its inept, amateurish nature and ended up in lots of hot water.

Today, I’d like to praise you for publishing that wonderful article “The Warrior Poet” by Johanna Willett.

Not only was the story superb, but Felisa Hervey’s poem “Lethe” knocked my socks off!

So thanks for a morning filled with fine reading.

Jefferson Carter

Poetry co-editor, “Zocalo Magazine,” Tucson