Assault weapons

are too easily acquired

There are thousands of young men like Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis: angry, feeling victimized, depressed and on the verge of or already in a psychotic break. They have no records in the mental health or legal systems. They cannot be tracked or known or easily recognized.

We and our friends, families and coworkers are at risk as long as military-style weapons can easily and readily be found and purchased. It is outrageous that these types of assault weapons are available in our society. How many mass killings will it take?

Grace E. Rich

Retired teacher, Tucson

The person using

the gun is responsible

To all the people who don’t want anyone to have guns I have a question: If guns kill people, then why is the person who is holding the instrument put on trial? When will there be a trial to convict the gun?

Marilyn Savage


Article on closet

insults working people

Re: the Aug. 25 article “Redone closet worth the space.”

The article was disgusting. It was a slap in the face to all parents who are trying to feed and clothe their children on a daily basis on a very limited income. It made me sick to see that closet with more than 30 pairs of shoes and an equal number of purses.

Such an excessive picture of materialism is not something that I would want to pass along as a value for my children. As the single mother of four children and attempting to earn a college degree without parental support, it took me 12 years, one purse and two pairs of shoes to get that degree and a job that would support us. Large closets full of excessive clothing were not even on my list of needed items, and I am sure they are not for many others in our community.

Marlene Carpenter

Retired teacher, Tucson

We must not rely

upon gov’t regulation

Re: the Sept. 6 editorial “It’s too early to give up on nuclear power.”

Regarding nuclear power, the editorial said that we should keep it, with  “sound regulations” to ensure its safety.

I wouldn’t trust the government to regulate a two-car funeral, much less very risky nuclear energy.

David Pearse

Retired, Tucson

It’s time to give Obama some overdue credit

Isn’t it possible that President Obama threatening to strike Syria is what is causing Assad to come to realize he has to let his chemical weapons go?

If the president had not gone to the Congress before striking Syria, people would have been yelling that he had no right to do that. And now that he has, through negotiations, possibly the best deal for this situation. Isn’t that better? Why can’t some people give our president any credit for anything?

We have been traveling around the country and the state and federal highways are all being worked on and new bridges are being built. Why do you think that is happening? It’s because of the stimulus! Stop and think about what our president has made happen since he has been in office. The stock market is proof!

Hilda Nichols

Retired, Tucson

As a superpower,

US has responsibilities

I have read many letters in the  Star saying we should not be policeman for the world. As if we had a choice!

We are the only superpower and if we want to remain so, we will have to take on superpower responsibilities. It is in our national interest to do so. Power abhors a vacuum and if we don’t do it, Putin, China or the Muslims will.

 Sherman Frey

Green Valley

McCain is already

‘one of these old guys’

Re: the Sept. 14 article “McCain ‘probably’ in his last Senate term.”

Sen. John McCain is quoted as saying that he has to decide whether  to seek another term (his fifth) in about two years and “I don’t want to be one of these old guys that should’ve shoved off.”

Guess what, McCain? That boat set sail in 2004 and you missed it.

James Nesci

Attorney, Tucson

Nothing’s complicated about voter ID

To everyone who is against voter ID: It is a fact that when you are born in this country you get a birth certificate. If that is true, then all a person has to do in order to vote is show  his birth certificate. Or if you become a citizen, show your citizenship form.

What is so hard about this logic and why make something out of false truths?

Sharlie Deschaines

Retired, Tucson