TUSD needs to spend

its money on teaching

Re: the Oct. 1 letter to the editor “Uplifting story about Nogales students.”

I was happy to read Henry Rosenbaum’s response to the letter about the Nogales Unified School District’s success with its students. I wonder if he had a reaction similar to mine when he read about Tucson Unified School District spending $32,000 on a “demographic study.” This was in addition to their $300,000 “marketing plan.”

Just seems to me if they spent more funds for the improvement of their students’ education instead of their bloated bureaucracy, they might actually get some teaching done.

Oh wait, that’s common sense. Silly me. What was I thinking?

Sonia Maxwell

Retired social worker, Nogales

Don’t donate to parties;

be an independent

The government shutdown comes as no surprise to anyone who believes that our representatives working through their political parties have ceased to work for us.

Like a cancer on our democracy, political parties no longer serve our national interests but exist only to increase their own growth and power. This dysfunction continues because we, as individuals, feel powerless to change anything.

How can you help to put an end to this mess? No matter which party you currently are affiliated with:

1. Immediately cease all contributions to any politicians, parties, PACs, etc.

2. Go online now and change your party affiliation to “independent” or “party not designated.”

Liberating yourself from any connection to the “party” aspects of our process will send a direct message that they either change their actions or their power is at an end. By acting together, we can actually make a difference.

Tim Helentjaris

Retired biologist, Tucson

Mr. Mayor, find jobs

for the law-abiding

Re: the Sept. 26 article “Workshop aims to find jobs for ex-inmates.”

Recently Mayor Jonathan Rothschild made it his mission to find jobs for all veterans who were unemployed. Evidently all veterans are now working, so mission accomplished. Now our mayor has turned his efforts to Tucson’s felons. Let’s all get together and hire felons rather than law-abiding people. I ask the mayor, what’s next? Possibly sex offenders or porn kings?

Maybe the city will hire felons as an example for the rest of Tucson’s businesses. How about finding jobs for those who have respected the laws of Arizona first?

James Kelly

Retired, Tucson

Gun lobby responsible

for plague of violence

Re: the Sept. 27 article “Man is shot to death after fender bender.”

Many more handguns are used, especially by young males, in homicides and suicides than in self-defense. These are often spontaneous, irrational acts that become deadly because a gun is handy. The U.S. has more citizens in jail and more guns than any other First World country. This is a major public-health problem we must address. It will plague our country as long as we allow ourselves and our government to be held hostage by the gun lobby.

Anne Hammond

Retired, SaddleBrooke