On love, Christ listed no exceptions

Re: the April 7 letter to the editor "Sexual relations a matter of morality."

I believe that church and hate should be separated. I will give three examples.

"Natural law" as defined does not exist. I have known three friends who knew since pre-school that they were gay. They have never had any other feelings.

Marriage is a civil ceremony and not a religious institution. It is not divinely blessed by God. Its purpose is to codify laws so as to protect the rights of children, and of each individual as relates to property and inheritance.

The founder of Christianity did not make any exceptions to the rules he laid down. He never made a statement that one should love everyone except the following.

Such teachings are a rationale used by those unable to truly follow the tenets of the faith.

Joseph Frilot

Retired administrative analyst, Tucson

Bicyclists need to wear helmets

Re: the April 5 article "Hurt cyclist, 1 of dozens, files $3M claim over trolley tracks."

After viewing the front page on April 5, I could not help but notice that neither person in the picture was wearing a helmet.

I am also wondering if the woman who had the brain injury was wearing a helmet.

Sandy Santoro

Retired, Oro Valley

Appealing outrageous parking fines is futile

Re: the April 5 letter to the editor "$188 parking ticket is way too high."

I, too, have been the victim of ParkWise's unwise and exorbitant policies and prices. It is particularly infuriating when there are no indications that what one is doing is illegal. What's more, trying to appeal these outrageous fines is an exercise in futility.

A reasoned argument has no sway in the appeal process. Whoever constructed the fee structure does not have the city's interest at heart, only revenue. It took me three hours on the Internet to even discover what regulation I had broken, as the officer had written an incorrect offense.

I love Tucson but am disheartened by the poor skills of those who establish such shortsighted revenue strategies.

Pat Engle

Art therapist, Tucson

Rocks are a genuine hazard to agents

Re: the April 6 letter to the editor "How many agents are killed by rocks?"

Maybe no Border Patrol agent has been killed by rocks thrown at them. But consider the very real possibility that an agent struck in the head by a rock thrower that causes him to lose consciousness, if only briefly, can have his gun taken, (along with the other nonlethal weapons he carries, such as batons and pepper spray), that can then be used against him or others.

People trying to get into the country illegally shouldn't throw rocks. It creates a dangerous situation for both the agents and for them.

William J. Muto


Don't force others to adopt your theology

Re: the April 7 letter to the editor "Sexual relations a matter of morality."

There are hundreds of legal rights that come with marriage but not civil unions. As the writer notes, they are not equal.

For those of us who find life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness worthy goals, and for whom several different classes of citizenship are un-American and unfair, we don't like your stingy morality rammed down our throats either.

If you don't believe in same-sex marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. But don't expect the rest of humanity to live their lives according to your beliefs.

Your theology is not my theology. I'm not in this world to make you happy. You do not call the tune for my life.

C.S. Driggs