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February 26, 2014 12:00 am

Brewer shouldn’t need convincing

Re: the Feb. 25 article “Brewer gets ‘religious-freedom’ bill.”

I am pleased the support of SB 1062 is dwindling in light of several legislators now reversing their stand as well as the business community saying, “Enough already.” But I am disappointed the legislators and governor need the business leaders to convince them a piece of legislation is bad for business and continues the negative view of Arizona after the passage of SB 1070.

This bill is wrong for so many other reasons which didn’t seem to convince the Republicans to not pass it. Along with the discriminatory and human-rights issues, it is a biased view of religion held by the sponsors.

Hopefully, civil rights and a sense of justice would persuade legislators to stop introducing these bills sponsored by conservative groups like the Center for Arizona Policy.

John Kautz

Retired clergy, Tucson

SB 1062’s supporters are the real victims

Re: the Feb. 24 article “Pressure grows for veto of SB 1062.”

Based on the letters printed it appears the Star is against a law that is intended to protect the religious rights of the many against the threats and intimidation of the few.

This bill is about your perspective. If you support “gays,” then you are opposed to the bill. If you do not support “gays,” then you are denigrated as a bad person because your rights and opinions do not matter, your freedoms are being violated.

I fail to understand the need of “gays” to identify situations and turn a molehill into a mountain. The customer selects the business and can select another if the business does not want to fulfill the request. There are always other options and the only thing hurt is the thin skin of the “gay.” Why not simply find a business that wants to provide the service?

Are “gays” trying to force everyone to accept their lifestyle without regard the rights of others? Seems like it.

LH Hancock

Accountant, Tucson

Good for you, but some have been burned

Re: the Feb. 19 letter to the editor “Obamacare works great for me.”

After reading the letter praising Obamacare, I had to wonder how much of a subsidy the letter writer received. It’s really funny that everybody I know (working folks) that had health care they were happy with and were canceled came up on the short end of the stick.

One couple I’m familiar with who had “just fine” insurance on their two daughters were forced on to a different policy. It cost almost $100 more a month and has a $13,000 deductible.

Needless to say, for them Obamacare didn’t work. Maybe because they’re a working couple and make enough money to pay for your cheap insurance. I would suggest other people who have been burned by this wonderful plan take the time to respond here.

Jack Dryja

Retired, Tucson

Ukrainians didn’t need guns to toss out leaders

An unarmed populace has brought down the heavily armed government of the Ukraine. So much for the argument that “We the People” need assault weapons to fight our government. Imagine how many more women and men would have died if the protesters had brought guns to the fight. When, as the ’60s anthem goes, will we ever learn?

Eliot Kohen

Retired, Tucson

2 groups pull strings

of Republican majority

Re: the Feb. 21 article “Common Core bad for state, panel says.”

Sen. Al Melvin, R-Tucson, probably had no need to read the state’s Common Core standards. He obviously has been “exposed” to them through the talking points he received from the Goldwater Institute.

This radical laissez-faire organization, along with the theocratic Center for Arizona Policy, provides the marching orders for the Republican majority in the state Legislature.

It’s high time for Arizona’s legislators to represent the interests of their constituents and not those of these divisive far-right organizations.

William Finkelstein

Retired educator, Tucson

Cellphone ban on roads

should apply to all

Re: the Feb. 24 article “Bill to ban cell use by novice drivers advances; texting measures stalled.”

The bills as presented by Rep. Victoria Steele and Sen. Steve Farley banning all cellphone use should be passed, not tabled. Novice drivers are not the only ones who are dangerous texting/driving — we all are. I see this problem every day in my travels. Who are we kidding?

Do we wait until one of our politicians gets killed by a texting driver before we take action? I guarantee if this were to happen, the Legislature would be up in arms. Pass the bill and enforce it!

Walter A. Kniaz

Retired, Tucson

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