Story on immigrants was poor journalism

Re: the Feb. 28 article "PCC slashes tuition for some immigrants."

I object to this example of poor journalism on the front page. A more appropriate headline: "PCC offers in-state tuition to DACA students."

Three examples illustrate: First, not until the 14th paragraph are "slashes" and "discounts" explained to be the price of in-state tuition.

Second, not until the 16th paragraph is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) mentioned, and that is the federal program that will qualify students for the document accepted by Pima Community College.

Third, six times the writer uses a term to describe students that was specifically denounced at the board meeting as objectionable and outdated. Students have been undocumented. Now they will have official documents. The word "illegal" is imprecise and demeaning when referring to people.

These students have graduated from Tucson schools, live in our community and are seeking a professional education. Let the politics of immigration be sorted out outside of our schools. An educated population is a benefit to us all.

I expect my newspaper to report, not hide information at the end of the article.

I am proud of PCC's decision to offer in-state tuition to students who qualify for DACA.

Katy Brown

Instructor, Pima Community College Adult Education

Let's not be ruled by political correctness

Re: the Feb. 28 letter to the editor "Star's use of 'oldster' was disrespectful."

Regarding the letter from the person who was grievously offended by the use of the term "oldster" to describe a gentleman getting a shot in the arm: Come on folks, lighten up and find something worthy of all the consternation.

Have we reached a point of political and social correctness where we must run everything we say by the thought police so that nobody could possibly be offended?

I am very much an "oldster" and really appreciate that I have been allowed to be around long enough to be called that - or "old coot" or "gramps" or the like.

Jerry Edgerton

Retired, Tucson

Thanks to helpful folks at the post office

We tend to be very critical of the post office. I want to thank the management of the Sun Post Office and the mail carrier who helped me when the lock and key to my box failed. They went the extra mile to solve my problem.

I am a senior on the go and sometimes fall. So many good people stop and help me.

Thank you, all you Tucson angels.

Deena Z. Sortland

Retired teacher, Tucson

Coach Miller no help in badmouthing team

Re: the Feb. 24 article Pac-12 Basketball: No. 12 Arizona 73, Washington St. 56: Help comes in threes," and the Feb. 28 article "Wildcats lose grip on title hopes."

When the going gets tough, the team loses a game or two, then help is needed.

The players need encouragement; their confidence has to be restored. Coach Sean Miller's badmouthing of the team was no help.

Coach Miller has not only foreseen a potential loss at the University of Southern California, he contributed to it.

Zoltan Rosztoczy

University of Arizona alumnus, Tucson

Congress has become a bad example

Re: the March 3 article "Kerry tells divided Egyptians they must seek compromise."

Bad example:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Egypt on March 2. He was urging their "bickering government and opposition" to overcome their differences and create "a sense of political and economic viability" if the country is to thrive as a democracy.

I hope he didn't use the U.S. Congress as an example of that idea.

Michael Holloway