to impeachment

President Obama, June 15, 2009: “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan, period; no one will take it away, no matter what.”

The case before today’s better-informed public is this: was this statement (and dozens more like it) simply more of the electioneering we have come to expect from the permanent Democratic campaign, or was it an abject, wanton lie? Perhaps, after the 2014 elections, when a newly enlightened electorate moves the U.S. Senate back to the Republican camp, we’ll have the opportunity to find out. The question then, as part of Senate impeachment proceedings, would be: Was the purposeful nationalization of one-sixth of the U.S. economy the result of “high crimes and misdemeanors?”

Glenn Perry

Colonel, U.S. Air Force (retired), Tucson

Please obey traffic laws

Re: the Oct. 27 article “Pedestrian deaths at record level across area.”

Accidents occur at marked crosswalks. We stopped for a flashing red light crosswalk on 22nd Street east of Wilmot. The result? Our car got totaled by a truck going 45 mph in a 40 mph zone. We got $700 for a $4,000 vehicle, received permanent physical injuries, and the driver wanted to be released from responsibility for the accident!

Also, “turn right on red” is only if it is clear to do so. Yet daily I have to slow down for drivers that assume a right turn on red has preference over a green light. Bicyclists often ride facing oncoming traffic.

If we obeyed the traffic laws, perhaps we would all be safer. It is just a suggestion, but it is worth a try.

Karen Kapferer

Retired, Tucson

Website’s woes leave imagination to run wild

I am a registered independent, so I have no proverbial ax to grind, but this battle over the Affordable Care Act has me perplexed, as it does many American, I am sure. As a result, a somewhat bizarre (perhaps not so bizarre) thought occurred to me.

Call me paranoid, but with the prevalence of Internet hacking activities today and the bitter taste of defeat of the GOP recently, is it not possible that the snafu in signing up for Obamacare has been contrived by Republicans whose nose is somewhat out of joint as a result of its recent defeat regarding the debt ceiling and the government shutdown? Does this smack of subterfuge?

This latest development with the Affordable Care Act website has me baffled and, thus, my imagination has been exploring possibilities as to why this has happened. I hope that my theory is wrong, but maybe not!

Ken Wright

Retired, Tucson

‘Obamacars’ analogy worthy of scrutiny

Re: the Nov. 6 letter to the editor “We wouldn’t want to drive ‘Obamacars.’

The writer compares the Affordable Care Act to the government telling us what kind of cars we must drive. Does he really think that the government doesn’t tell us what we can drive? The list of required safety features is long and strict and you can get a traffic ticket if you don’t have some of them.

He calls that “totalitarian and un-American.” We are also required to carry auto liability insurance and can be fined if we don’t. The comparison is interesting and both are for our own health and safety. The health-care insurance policies being canceled are worthless because they don’t cover the required health problems that might actually occur.

Marilynn Lowder

Retired, Tubac