Let's arm Girl Scouts to deter cookie thefts

Re: the March 5 article "Girl Scout cookie sellers undaunted by thefts."

Two incidents of Girl Scout Cookie cash boxes stolen, and neither any of the scouts, their adult supervisors nor passers-by was armed?

I'm shocked - SHOCKED - that this was allowed to happen. Don't Girl Scouts learn, as Boy Scouts do, how to use weapons? And doesn't the NRA believe that arming everyone from the custodian to the CEO would make crime disappear? Isn't it time to start adding a Glock 9 to the sales kits when it's cookie time?

Don't forget: The only way to deal with a cookie monster is to be a cookie monster with a gun. Or so we're being told.

Eliot Kohen

Retired, Tucson

Waste of two wars merited front-page

Re: March 7 article "Report: US paid too much for too little in Iraq."

Hidden on A14 we read of the report regarding the true costs of the Iraq war: $811 billion, much of it wasted, probably landing in the hands of corrupt politicians and our war industry. Not mentioned was: the war in Afghanistan, also without true tangible results, has cost us $700 billion.

The U.S. has pledged to prop up the Afghan police and army at a price tag of about $4 billion to 5 billion a year for the next decades. About 8 million U.S. soldiers have been involved in both wars, and while the VA's budget was about $50 billion in 2001, it is projected to balloon to $140 billion this year. To finance both ill-conceived wars the U.S. had to borrow about $2 trillion, and yet both Iraq and Afghanistan continue to be in shambles and are poised to get much worse after our withdrawal. Meantime, our schools, hospitals and infrastructure are falling apart. This should have been on the front page.

Dr. Albrecht Classen, professor


'Snail mail' is still useful to many

Regarding all the recent comments on mispronunciation, another word that irks me is when people use the word "ax" to "ask" a question. When did that start becoming common? Why?

I'm also saddened by the gentleman who wrote about the demise of the Tucson postmark and thinks we should just do away with snail mail. Many people do not have computers that access the Internet to Google, Facebook, email or have smartphones to twitter and app. The Postal Service may be all they have to communicate with family and friends.

Linda Howell, retired


Little harm in hitting empty heads of today

Re: the March 5 letter "Obama sidestepping leadership duty."

The writer brings forth a quote from Dwight Eisenhower: "You don't lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership." I agree, but times have now changed. Back then, harm could be done because their heads were not empty. Look at Washington and Congress today and the gun mania and lobby. What harm could be done now by hitting them over the head?

John R. Clarke

Oro Valley