Let's not overlook gun use in suicides

Isn't it great that the NRA began its annual convention on the same day the CDC released the latest suicide statistics?

Suicide rates in persons ages 35-64 increased 28 percent from 1999 to 2010 and it is now a more common cause of death than motor-vehicle accidents. The most common method of committing suicide is by firearm, accounting for 10,393 deaths in 2010, which is 48 percent of all suicides that year. In addition, there are accidental gun deaths.

Guns don't kill people. People kill themselves with guns.

Timothy C. Fagan, M.D.

Physician, Tucson

Chuck George deserves support, good wishes

Re: the May 3 article "KOLD's George says he's depressed."

I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing Chuck George success in his battle with depression. Judging from his on-air persona, this was probably one of the last diagnoses I would have thought of. He is so well-liked in our community, I hope he will continue with his treatment and stay on the job. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and he is not alone!

Jan Foiles

Retired, Tucson

Sen. Melvin falsifies school money numbers

State Sen. Al Melvin was on Bill Buckmaster's local news radio show recently where Melvin once again implied the state funds public education at $9,000 per pupil. This despite AZ Fact Check proving it false during his 2012 campaign and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee's report that state-only funding per student has been less than $5,000 every year since FY 2004. In fact, Arizona leads the nation in cuts to per-pupil funding since 2008 - almost 22 percent.

These facts are important because one of Melvin's key issues is "universal school choice where every child in the state has $9,000, which is roughly what we are spending now." Forget that a state appeals court ruled vouchers for private schools unconstitutional in 2009.

With over 1 million students in the state, the total bill is over $9 billion, more than the state's entire budget for 2013. This isn't a bold new idea, it is fantasy.

Linda Thomas

Colonel, USAF (ret.), Oracle School Board member,


The opinions expressed in this letter are Thomas' and not those of the Oracle School Board.

No, Obama gets vote as worst president

Re: the May 1 letter to the editor "No need to wait 50 yrs. to know Bush was worst."

Bush is the worst president? I believe Obama is the worst president ever. I'm disappointed that you would publish a letter with such strong opinions, and that is why I'm giving mine.

Audrey Turner

Retired banker, Tucson

Destroy a gun? An abomination!

Re: the April 30 article "Bill signed preventing Tucson from destroying 'buyback' guns."

Do Arizonans really idolize their guns? The thousands of lives destroyed by guns? Just the price we pay for the Second Amendment. But destroy guns? Oh, the horror!

Betty Feinberg


Bottom line in debate on guns is freedom

Re: the May 5 letter to the editor "Flake didn't 'stand up' for this person."

I'm sorry the writer just doesn't get it. While it's true background checks for gun purchasers would do nothing to control the anger and violence in our country, the lady asks why the strong objection to any of the gun legislation? Freedom, lady. Most Americans live here for our precious freedom. Got it?

Arthur H. Phillips

Retired, SaddleBrooke

Perseverance, grit abound at Basis, UHS

Re: the May 5 column "Let's keep Basis, UHS in perspective."

The high ranking of Basis and UHS by varied publications is a measure of their student's efforts: to do well in school, understand the material taught, attain high grades, and perhaps even get a scholarship. UHS, a public school, ranks highly in several scholastic areas, not just AP scores.

With two sons who have done well at UHS and on several AP tests, I have seen firsthand their many, many hours of study; a better measure of work ethic, perseverance and grit I do not know.

A.P. Lorenzen

Retired, Tucson

We may know truth on Benghazi - or not

Re: the May 7 article "Diplomat: Special ops held from Benghazi attacks."

Now maybe, just maybe, the truth will at last come out on how this administration really let us down by denying fighter assistance during the Benghazi attacks.

But fear not, you liberals! Hillary Clinton will get another case of the mysterious vapors. She'll fall down again and won't remember very well. Then the rest of the Cabinet will circle the wagons, hold hands and blame it on the past administration.

See? Not to worry.

Steve Shero

Retired, Tucson