We need tenacity in TUSD leadership

She came to work on her first day, nervous as any new person in a big organization would be, but with a determination that belied her years.

She worked at tasks that boggle many minds, made friendships that would last a lifetime, and helped her co-workers gain promotions and understanding.

She had no contract. She had no guarantee of a retirement - she just came to work each day, and did her best. She did this for 12 years, and then, one day, this young lady graduated from high school.

Now I ask, why hasn't TUSD had the same dedication from the superintendents we have hired during the past years?

Michael Holloway

School volunteer, Tucson

TEP shows way on energy efficiency

Tucson Electric Power deserves recognition for doing the right thing by reinstating energy-efficiency programs that the Arizona Corporation Commission has postponed funding. Energy efficiency - what's not to like? It lowers our electric bills, reduces pollution from coal-fired plants and creates local jobs.

The Corporation Commission claims to want to protect ratepayers. But it seems that their outlook is extremely shortsighted.

We need to invest now in order to save ourselves from much bigger electric bills in the future. The commission does not have our, the ratepayers', backs but rather is looking out for the fossil-fuel industry.

Thanks, TEP, for having a better vision for the future.

Susan Waites


TUSD leadership of past hardly a model

Re: the March 21 editorial "TUSD could use some stability in its leadership."

There was a time when the Governing Board and the superintendent's actions mirrored each other - a time of "optimal functioning." This was about the time when Hank Oyama's report made national news on the "Invisible Minority."

I remember a board member responding to a Mexican-American parent with these stinging words, "If you don't like it, go back to Mexico." There was an awkward silence followed by no apology, much less responding to a reasonable request. This was a time of no Latino representation on the board. The federal government had to step in and start the "dysfunction" that continues to plague the district like an incurable illness.

The paradigm has changed for the district as well as for the nation. Accusing an honorable board member of representing her own opinions is disingenuous and creates divisiveness in our community. Adelita Grijalva is representing her constituents, students and parents who will never be invisible or quiet the their struggle to attain the education they deserve.

Jean Ramirez

Retired TUSD teacher, Tucson

Many stepped forward during med emergency

During the Cubs-Dodgers benefit game last Thursday at Kino Stadium, my friend had a health emergency early in the game.

To the folks seated in Section 122, Row 9, Seats 1,2,5 and 6 and the first responder volunteers of the Tucson Fire Department (I didn't gain your names, but you know who you are), a big thank you for your assistance in contacting EMT, bringing some ice water, and your medical expertise and advice.

My friend has fully recovered, but all of your actions are not forgotten. It is reassuring to know there are good, caring people willing to help a stranger in need.

Tom Fisk (the guy seated in Section 122, Row 9, Seat 4)

Technical consultant, Green Valley