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November 03, 2013 12:00 am

Arizona must change its racist policies

Re: the Oct. 26 column “Preserving our Arizona requires standing up for immigration reform.”

David Fitzsimmons hit the nail on the head with his immigration reform column. I’m a 75-year-old white male and believe a good future for Arizona and the U.S. depends on reforming our regressive, racist policies.

Particularly in Arizona, our heritage is as much, if not more, Hispanic and Native American as it is white. A promising future is impossible without accepting all of our past and our ties to our Hispanic neighbors. This is no longer a state or nation for whites only — if it ever was. It is time we accept this and move forward. Thanks, Fitz, for spelling it out so clearly.

Gerald Hammon

Retired, Benson

Senate should censure Cruz as it did McCarthy

It is clear that President Obama is responsible for the recent conflict and chaos in Washington. He did not bomb Syria and he did not bomb Congress. He now has a chance to avoid the chaos due mid-January 2014 and quiet the critics of Obamacare.

He should persuade the Senate to censure Ted Cruz, as it did with Joe McCarthy in 1954. Cruz is very much like McCarthy, in speech, blank expression, sanctimonious outrage and extremism.

But where they are most alike is in the use of intimidation and invective. If you want Obamacare, you are un-American. You may not be a commie, but you are a socialist. Because of Obamacare’s requirement on contraception, you are anti-religion.

The Senate censured McCarthy, and for the rest of his term in office he was ignored by his colleagues. If Ted Cruz is ignored, there will be much less chaos. One problem: The Democrats will not vote for censure — they want him to run for president.

Victor Sussman

Retired engineer, Oro Valley

Pedestrians, cyclists must be extra careful

Re: the Oct. 27 article “Pedestrian deaths at record level across area.”

The immediate response to these accidents is, “Build more crosswalks! More traffic control signals! More bike crossings! We must make it safer!”

But crosswalks and bike lanes are inherently dangerous. The only way to be reasonably safe is to never take the right of way from a car. Traffic signals and white lines on the pavement give pedestrians and bicyclists a false sense of security. “I have the right of way. Those cars must stop, it’s the law.”

Bicyclists take huge risks on Speedway or Broadway in the false protection of the bike lanes when the Third Street bike path is a few streets away.

I am not blaming the victims in these incidents — we should all be safe while outside. But when you consider that statistically 50 percent of the drivers are of below-average intelligence, then add drinking, drugs, cellphones and advanced age to that mix, and your best bet is to walk or ride as if you were invisible.

Marshall Jones

Technical assistant, Tucson

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