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April 29, 2014 12:00 am

Koch brothers should stay out of Pima County

David and Charles Koch have a combined estimated wealth of $72 billion. They now  dominate the airwaves in Tucson, probably accounting for the majority of all the political ads on TV.

I wonder what kind of democracy we live in where two extremely wealthy residents of Kansas and New York have this kind of power.

I understand that they don’t want to have to pay taxes and they don’t want the government to regulate their oil and gas businesses.

But why do we pay any attention to their opinions on health care, immigration or the role of government?

Call the Koch brothers and tell them to butt out of Pima County.

Jim Hannan

Manager, Tucson

Intolerance strikes liberals, too

Re: the April 25 letter to the editor “Will and Pitts are an odd yet well-matched couple.”

The letter writer is a perfect example of the dysfunctional politics of the country.

He states that by juxtaposing the columns by George Will and Leonard Pitts Jr. we can contrast liberals’ and conservatives’ views of life. True.

However, by labeling Wills’ comments as “always reprehensible,” he demonstrates that he has not even tried to read the offending words.

George Will is no doubt a conservative, but he excoriates extreme right opinions if they are patently absurd, his arguments are well-stated and the language admirable.

Clearly intolerance and tunnel vision are not the province of the right alone.

For full-disclosure purposes, I am an old-time leftie, way to the far side of “a card-carrying liberal” like the letter writer.

Maria Cadaxa

Retired midwife, Tucson

Majority party fiddles as state economy fizzles

No one should be shocked that the members of the majority party in the Legislature wasted their time with legislation that has nothing to do with helping the economy or creating jobs. What else have they done in these last few months?

They enacted several pro-gun bills that go well beyond the purpose of the Second Amendment.

They sent the governor legislation to crack down on facilities that assist women with their fundamental right to privacy for their own body.

They endorsed a foreign policy resolution regarding the status of the West Bank that contradicts American foreign policy.

They continue to systematically cut funding to K-12 and higher education, while spending a hefty amount on the criminal justice system.

They have wasted time deliberating on chicken zoning laws, the Bundy ranch and attempting to undo the voter-approved Arizona Redistricting Commission’s work.

Finally, let’s not forget their approval of HB 1062, which would have permitted discrimination on the basis of religion.

Regrettably, this is our Legislature.

Adam Fox


Sun Tran, schools should cooperate

After the city council gnashed its teeth over whether to raise Sun Tran fares, I wondered whether it had considered working with the various school districts to combine services?

Issuing universal passes to all middle and high school students, for a fee, would allow the districts to reduce or eliminate their fleets and staff.

As an added benefit students would learn that public transportation is a viable alternative to cars.

Wallace Wilson

Retired conductor, Tucson

VA here provides superb medical care

With all of the negative news stories regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, I am compelled to point out that the Department of Veterans Affairs Southern Arizona Health Care System provides superb medical care to its veterans.

Scheduled appointments are typically on time. Individual employees display a true interest for the well being of each veteran. The doctors, nurses and employees are totally professional in the delivery of their services.

When at the hospital, I always ask fellow veterans how they are being treated and their responses are 99 percent positive.

Aaron Warren

Service-connected disabled veteran, Phoenix

Conservatives need better role models

Re: the April 25 letter to the editor “Drama in Nevada is a warning to feds.”

The letter writer rants about “jackbooted thugs” and wonders if we “have learned something from Waco”.

The Nevada rancher, subject of the article in question, has spent his life living off the oldest public welfare system in America — the public-grazing system — and enriched himself while his cattle despoil public lands.

Not merely that, he refuses to pay the pittance asked for by the government. Then when given unwarranted publicity by Fox News, he went on a rant about blacks on welfare.

In Waco, a heavily armed serial child-rapist and murderer, who believed himself to be Jesus Christ reincarnated, led a standoff against federal officials until he burned himself alive in his compound.

Have we learned anything from Waco and this incident? I believe we have. The American conservative needs to find some better role models.

Geoffrey Baker

Web designer, Tucson

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