Look for lawmakers who are independent

Re: the Aug. 9 letter “College doesn’t make a lawmaker smart.”

While I can match and agree with the writer’s assessment with my own eight-year elected legislative service, let me add another point I consider just as important if not more important than educational achievement.

Background, community involvements, life experiences and freedom from political entanglements and financial obligations to special interests with expectations of rewards in legislative actions are good starting points deserving investigation of those seeking public office.

Political backers and potential influences are more important considerations than college degrees or political labels when judging best-qualified legislative representatives. The true test of good legislators is the background of how and why of their election in the first place.

Harvey Akeson

Retired, Tucson

Coach’s vulgarity doesn’t belong in paper

Re: the July 24 article “The RichRod Show.”

The Arizona football coach keeps using the word “ turd” in a public forum. I think that he is a disgrace to Tucson and the university for talking like a juvenile.

He represents the city and the school wherever he goes. The coach and the Star have no class, him for saying it, and the Star for printing it. I’ll bet five dollars that Sean Miller would never talk that way.

Peter Meis

Retired, Tucson

Glaring falsehood perpetuated by Star

Re: the Aug. 10 letter “Why did Obama warn fellow Muslims?”

May I ask why you printed the letter by regarding President Obama that includes “was it to warn his fellow Muslims or was it for political reasons?” Anyone with an ounce of sense would know that President Obama is not a Muslim but is a Christian. I would assume someone at the Star would know this. Or might I include “or was it for political reasons?”

Judy Hubbard

Retired, Tucson

As long as we’re

tossing around names ...

Any citizen who continues to spread the lie that our president is a Muslim is an upstart and a terrorist.

Bernard Levine

Retired, Tucson

How to keep

our roads maintained

We need a multi-pronged approach to raise the money on a continual basis to keep our roads in good repair. Property owners should not bear the brunt of maintaining the roads. Winter visitors and tourists utilize our roads and need to contribute.

We need a gas tax that is tied to the Consumer Price Index at both the state and local level. Renew drivers licenses every two years and double the fee to $24. That extra $12 is dedicated to road repair.

Undocumented immigrants need licenses for safety’s sake and revenue-building. Withholding the license is inane because they will drive anyway.

Lastly, a county sales tax that is dedicated for roads seems fair, but Chuck Huckelberry needs to tie it to a direct decrease in our property taxes, rescind the soccer land purchase and place a moratorium on all unnecessary purchases.

We need to fund what we own now. No one likes taxes but it is the way we fund what we need.

Jo-Ann Marks

Psychotherapist, Tucson

Bank-failure road maps must protect depositors

Re: the Aug. 9 article “Banks must make effort to map out hypothetical failure.”

In response to the article on the hypothetical failure of a large bank, I had the privilege of serving on the Inaugural Presidential Advisory Committee for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. from 2008-2010.

The overall mission of the committee was to work on improving the regulatory exam process.

One of the assignments our group had was to figure out how to deal with the potential failure of a large U.S. bank. The living-will concept of providing a road map to dismantle a large bank through bankruptcy without “tanking” the economy was a daunting challenge.

Essentially our group created a concept of carving the bank up into silos and selling each piece to the highest bidder, i.e., the mortgage division, the credit-card division, etc. Primary responsibility is to protect the depositors, not the investors. Get your will in order.

John Lewis

Bank president, Tucson