Chancellor should seek board resignations

Re: the Aug. 25 article “Lambert: ‘Things start, end with me.’ ”

I greatly respect the chancellor for stating the importance of identifying a new student’s area of interest, even those students who are underprepared. However, I was very disappointed, after hearing him stress the importance of accountability, that he stated there was little he could do to right the wrongs that board members had a hand in, and suggest that the board members’ failings were due to the lack of a good chancellor.

Too many careers were abruptly ended because of board members’ failures to oversee an out-of-control chancellor. Board members hid, ignored, enabled and tolerated the former chancellor’s sexual harassment of female employees. Chancellor Lambert could publicly ask these failing board members to resign rather than provide excuses for them. He should not defend or protect them if he is truly interested in restoring accountability at Pima Community College.

David W. Gallagher

Retired PCC faculty, Tucson

Family planning

needed by the poor

Re: the Aug. 2 letter to the editor “If diapers are too costly, don’t have a baby.”

The letter writer wonders why the woman had a baby if she had no means to take care of it. Perhaps if she could not afford the diapers and could not afford the baby, she couldn’t afford or did not have access to family planning services.

I have to ask if we would not see fewer of these difficulties, and perhaps even reduce the number of people on welfare, if there were increased nonpartisan support for organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which provide a full array of health and family-planning services.

Sharon Cohn

Family nurse practitioner, Tucson

Don’t allow extortion

for foreign US bases

Re: the Aug. 9 article “Philippines seeks an increased US presence.”

After “kicking out” America from Subic/Clark bases in 1992 for want of more money, the Philippines now wants the U.S. to return to do its “dirty work” against China.

China’s brutal occupation of Tibet in 1950 should have been a wake-up call for the world. China is stubbornly claiming territories of several countries with which it shares common borders. With its increasingly aggressive military stance, China may be seen as a threat to world peace. Chinese ideology is unpalatable to most, and many agree that China must be contained.

Other Asia-Pacific region countries should cooperate in confronting the Chinese threat by allowing U.S. military bases in their countries. Since these countries need America, we must negotiate hard and not allow them to extort billions for the bases. They should be paying with their own blood and money. Why should America always be the sacrificial lamb?

PJ Madhvani



the budget fat

by eliminating House

If Republicans are truly committed to a smaller federal government, eliminating waste and cutting out the fat, then I would recommend getting rid of the House of Representatives. It has been years since I have seen it do anything substantive. It’s a waste of money funding  it.

Dennis Riley

Musician, Tucson

Support education

by not supporting GOP

Re: the Aug. 23 guest column “Support our teachers by contributing to new fund.”

The hypocrisy of the Jim Click Jr. guest column is staggering to me. Click espouses how important teachers are to our community, and I couldn’t agree more. However, the hypocrisy arises when you realize that he continues to be a major financial supporter of local and state Republican candidates and anti-education propositions that have done nothing but cut, cut, cut Arizona’s educational budget.

If Click truly believed that education should be a priority, I would suggest he lobby to pay our teachers a professional wage, fully fund our schools so we can lower class size and reinvigorate early childhood education.

Cheryl Cage

Corporate trainer, Tucsonw