Habitat success rate in Tucson is 97.5%

Re: the April 29 article “House returned to Habitat for Humanity.”

I have been a construction volunteer with Tucson Habitat for Humanity for the past five years on a regular basis.

I have met many of the future homeowners doing their “sweat equity” work on the construction site and have noticed how eager, responsible and appreciative they are of the opportunity to be making a stable home for their families.

In perspective, out of 388 families, Habitat “helped” one bad apple. That is a 97.5 percent success rate.

Habitat, and the Tucson community that supports Habitat, should be truly proud of that record!

This is an awesome organization, with a true heart for the people in the Tucson community.

I hope that people will not read this article and come away with a negative opinion of the Tucson Habitat organization.

Jon Peake


etired, Tucson

Cops’ sick-leave deals may be illegal

Re: the April 29 article “Cops decry Kozachik’s call to end sick-leave sell-back.”

What is the problem? “Retirement benefits for most fire and police personnel are calculated using their three consecutive highest-earning years,” said Jared Smout, deputy administrator of the state’s Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

The Legislature passed a law about eight years ago to prevent employees from pumping up their pensions by using lump-sum payments, like the sick-time sell-back, to boost their salary in the final years of their careers.

So based on that, it is illegal for them to do what they are doing.

It was illegal eight years ago and they are still breaking the law. Pretty simple to me as to what to do.

Jose Salgado

Retired, Tucson

Is the Star starved

for real news?

It took an article on the front page regarding Linda Ronstadt’s home being put up for sale to validate my opinion of how small of a town Tucson is.

This kind of news belongs on page seven of a small-town weekly.

You must be starved for meaningful news to put this on the front page and to continue it on page four, using more newsprint for pictures and descriptions of the internal decor, gardens, trees, flowers and birds.

If this is front-page news maybe you would like to interview me on how I set up two pack-rat traps in my yard last week. Don’t forget to send a photographer to take some exciting pictures.

Arnold Kerman

Retired executive, Tucson

Wildlife Center earns our support

After following the bloody trail across our front yard, we found an injured coyote in our wash.

I called at least four animal rescue numbers in the phone book.

One gave me a recording “we are not taking any dogs” and none of the others answered the phone.

At last someone did answer. They couldn’t help but gave me the number of Tucson Wildlife Center.

More than just answering their phone, a van with a very efficient young lady and a young man came to the rescue.

Sadly it was too late for the coyote, but they carried away the body for us.

I want to thank Tucson Wildlife Center, a private enterprise, for their help, and encourage any animal lover to support this organization.

Mary Lou Christensen

Retired medical

transcriptionist, Tucson

Sarah Garrecht Gassen writes opinion for the Arizona Daily Star. Her column appears Thursdays. Email her at sgassen@azstarnet.com and follow her on Facebook.