Where's tax revenue to fix Tucson streets?

As a winter visitor to this city, I find the condition of the roadways to be appallingly poor. The number of cars on the road indicates a lot of gasoline being purchased, which means a lot of gas tax money is being raised.

The "no money" flag is continually raised, which begs the question, "Where's the gas tax money?"

I would hope that the media would help in answering this question.

Gregory Peterson


A fan offers thanks to 'Ooh Aah Man'

Re: the March 9 article "Salute today for retiring superfan."

Wildcats, sock it to 'em, "Ooh Aah"! Joe Cavaleri, thanks, on behalf of the University of Arizona fans that you, personally, were able to get into a fun mode that I'm sure resulted in Wildcat wins over all these years. Your enthusiasm for the Cats, whether it was baseball or basketball, is unsurpassed. You're the ultimate fan.

I recall meeting you at Sancet Field in the mid- to late '70s cheering on the baseball team, which, if memory serves me, Jerry Kindall was coaching when Terry Francona was on the team.

I also remember when we both had a full head of brown hair. Mine is white these days, but apparently, commands some sort of respect as I'm addressed as "sir" much too often.

Joe, take care. Thanks for being such cool member of our community in Tucson.

Ooh Aah!

Russ Jordan

Retired, Tucson

Save state some money: Get rid of Brewer

Re: the March 15 article "Tax plan called costly to state, cities."

I have a simpler plan for how to save the state and cities money. Get rid of Gov. Jan Brewer.

This past year or so her mind-set has been to get herself into the national spotlight as much as possible. She does not and never has had the state's general population's best interests in mind - but only furthering her and her cronies' own personal goals.

Richard Leland

Retired law enforcement officer, Benson

Military family merited in-state tuition, too

I am not opposed to the tuition break local colleges are agreeing to provide to "Dreamers." Granted, they are here under circumstances of which they have little or no control. Actually, I am very sympathetic.

As a parent I found myself in the same situation when my son enrolled at the University of Arizona. I had a home in Arizona, paid taxes and listed the state as my home of residence and had a valid Arizona driver's license.

Unfortunately, in my son's junior year in high school, my husband, an active duty Air Force member, was transferred overseas. We kept our home here, paid our taxes, voted absentee and kept our Arizona driver's licenses. When it came time to enroll at the UA, we were denied in-state tuition, because he was not physically in the state the year before enrollment.

It was a circumstance of which he had no control. It would seem active-duty military families would be entitled, at the very least, to the same benefits accorded to children of illegal immigrants.

So, for the years that we had to pay out of state tuition I would like to request a refund. To whom do you think I should address my request?

Gwen Walker


Walton commentary biased against Arizona

Re: the March 16 article, "No. 21 UCLA 66, No. 18 Arizona 64: Bruins school Cats 3rd time."

We ask Greg Byrne, UA athletic director, is there some way Bill Walton could be barred from doing anything on the air regarding the University of Arizona?

He is pompous, arrogant and very offensive. Why does he hate the university so much? His commentary is full of slurs toward Arizona. Is he angry because we helped his son?

It got so bad with the UCLA game, we had to turn the sound off. As a result, it wasn't until the article in the Star that we understood what the technical foul called against UA coach Sean Miller was about. Are we the only ones who believe that was unfair?

Warren and Beverley Edminster