Save teachers’ jobs

in Sunnyside schools

I am a former employee in the Sunnyside School District. It has come to my attention that the fine teachers of this district are once again in need of an override to save their jobs. I’m calling for the accountability of the SUSD superintendent. Where are the district monies going? If Sunnyside needs to make cuts it should start at the top. Does SUSD really need a superintendent that makes as much as 10 teachers and still can’t pay his bills? Get rid of the people who hold jobs and do nothing — not teachers. Please endorse the override and save these dedicated teachers’ jobs, but wake up, Sunnyside!

Gracelyn Hearring

Former teacher, Tucson

Teacher’s award

is good news for TUSD

Re: the Oct. 17 article “He’s ‘People’s Choice’ — and his students’, for sure.”

When I see a headline on the front page of the Daily Star that has the acronym for Tucson Unified School District, I know it’s bad news. If it is good news for TUSD, it seems it’s buried in the back pages. Imagine my surprise when I saw — above the fold and with a large headline — some really good news for the district.

Tucson Magnet High School drama teacher Art Almquist was selected by readers of People magazine as the Readers’ Choice for excellence in teaching. This is a happy event for Art and his students, and I don’t want to disparage that honor. What bugged me was “TUSD” was nowhere to be found in the article. Evidently, good news about the district doesn’t belong on the front page, so the editors left any mention of the Tucson Unified School District out of the article.

Margaret Lacey

Retired air traffic controller, Tucson

What would God think of border issues?

Re: the Oct. 19 letter to the editor “Protesting preacher respects God’s laws.”

It is very enlightening that the letter writer knows God’s thinking about national borders. I wonder if he knows what God thinks about someone referring to others as “hateful,” even though he has no way of knowing what is in their hearts.

He only knows that they do not agree with his position, so they have to be bad people. Attacking others is no way to have an intelligent dialogue. It is more likely to stir up anger and a breakdown in understanding others’ opinions. Maybe before we speak we should think: WWGD?

Helen Keilman

Volunteer, Oro Valley

Private health websites have glitches, too

In 2011, I found myself unemployed. I was offered COBRA health coverage at an exorbitant rate and made the decision to seek health insurance through the open market. After paying a $125 application fee to a highly rated e-insurance provider, I selected Blue Cross of Arizona.

The application process was arduous. The Internet application froze up several times without saving my information. After several days of application time, I succeeded in submitting. Then came the email barrage of requests for clarifications and information. It took about four weeks to get an acceptance letter.

So now we hammer Obama on his failed Internet system to apply for benefits. Some say that the system should benchmark the private system to “get it right.” What a hearty laugh I get to think that private-sector health care can get it right.

Scott Beeson

Engineer, Tucson

Give wolves a chance

Re: the Oct. 1 guest column “US agency’s actions making wolf recovery even less likely.”

It seems that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service does not want to allow the Mexican gray wolf to succeed to sustainable numbers. That would be unfortunate and a loss to our state. The wolves are wildlife managers and will keep the ecology in balance. Give them a chance. They are already here. Let the biologists work with ranchers and government officials. It is the fair thing to do.

Anne O’Donnell

Customer service, Phoenix

A thank-you

for returned wallet

I would like to thank the person or persons who found my wallet in the Walmart parking lot at the Marketplace. Thank you so much for your honesty. As I was calling to cancel my credit card the doorbell rang and there stood an officer from the Oro Valley Police Department with my wallet. What a nice thing for him to do and thank you again to whoever returned it.

Jackie Manuel

Homemaker, Marana

Why waste money

on Spanish website?

Re: the Oct. 3 article “Health market’s Spanish website ‘will be fixed.’”

Why is the U.S. government publishing any website in any other language than English? I’ve always believed that to be a citizen you had to be able to read, write and speak English. Has that changed? Think of the money we would save.

Paul Toumey

Retired electrician, Tucson

A breeze signing up

for Obamacare

I was successful in enrolling in a new insurance plan via Obamacare. I created my account on Oct. 5 and was able to view the many insurance options. I selected a plan with a significantly lower deductible and out of pocket expense than my current individual plan. Yes, the premium is a bit higher, but with the lower deductible and out of pocket limits, my total potential health care expenses will go down by more than 25 percent. Less than five days after enrollment, my new health-care insurer sent me the invoice — and all of the details were correct. There are probably glitches in the new marketplace, but there are also plenty of success stories.

Sandy McNabb

Retired, Tucson