good judge of personnel

Several letters have criticized the Tucson Unified School District board’s approval of Superintendent H.T. Sanchez’s recommendation to give notice of nonrenewal to Rex Scott, the principal of Catalina High School.

Catalina has earned a D every year (altogether three years) since the implementation of Arizona’s flawed but still informative school grade system. The letters observe that Scott has nonetheless improved school climate and that Catalina’s student population presents unusual challenges.

The student populations at some better-performing TUSD schools are in some ways more challenging than those at Catalina; in other ways Catalina’s challenges are unique. I have not tried to incorporate those considerations into an independent evaluation of Scott. The superintendent is generally better placed to assess a principal’s overall performance than the board, parents or other members of the public.

Dr. Sanchez’s personnel decisions have been (in my opinion) mostly better than those of other recent superintendents. I have never pressured a superintendent to retain someone against their wishes, and it seems unwise to change that practice now.

Mark Stegeman

TUSD Governing Board member, Tucson

Post-game violence

difficult to fathom

Re: the April 1 article “3 complain about TPD’s use of force.”

It is quite shocking and surprising how a simple college protest can provoke such violent actions from our very own Tucson Police Department.

What should be a fun night turned out to be a disaster. The passion of the University of Arizona students for their team seemed too out of control. The world is already suffering from too many things. Sports should be something to bring people together and not to tear them apart.

It still surprises me a lot how people fight each other because of a game score. Nowadays, every little thing is a reason for a big fight. I mean, win or lose, our lives are going to be the same, after all.

Monalisa Gomes

Student, Tucson

Wildcat fans’ reaction

was disappointing

Re: the April 1 article “3 complain about TPD’s use of force.”

The Wildcats’ loss to Wisconsin was very disappointing on Saturday night, but the reaction of the fans that congregated in the middle of University Boulevard was far worse.

The Tucson Police Department acted as appropriately as they could have possibly acted; the people, however, not so much.

Sure, the loss was frustrating, and many — including myself — felt that the officiating was terrible in the final minutes of the game, but for fans that are recognized nationally as one of the best fan bases in the NCAA to act out this way really leaves a bad taste.

Michael Rodriguez

Student, Tucson

I wish I could

adopt a pothole

Re: the March 29 column “Pothole Crater National Monument — a rival to the Grand Canyon.”

I have long wanted to adopt a pothole. There’s one at Rosemont and Speedway that holds a special place in my heart. It’s near my mother’s house, and I hit it every time I go there (my brother lives there now that my mom is gone).

I imagine going in the dark of night to fill it and tar it over. There are several on East Glenn Street that need a midnight visit as well. I wish I knew the proper ingredients to fill a pothole. I would adopt them in a heartbeat.

Nan Schubel

Retired librarian, Tucson

D-M was there before

people now living near it

Re: the April 1 guest column “Other missions suitable for D-M.”

I have lived in midtown Tucson for 28 years. I am a member of the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance and believe I know something about Davis-Monthan.

Guest columnist Robin Gomez was opposed to flight activities at D-M before there was an F-35. Almost 10 years ago, discussions and meetings were held that resulted in changes in landings and takeoffs that contributed to a reduction in noise.

Gomez supports D-M only if there are no missions that require flying! He is wrong about the urban encroachment. The city grew around the base. Was he unaware that there was an airbase when he bought his home?

It’s time Gomez told the truth. He wants D-M gone, and that has been his goal for years.

Stanley P. Abrams

Businessman, Tucson