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Praise for failure to pass gun-control bill

As one who is sick and tired of reading so many letters condemning the Senate for its lack of integrity in not passing the gun-control bill, let me counter by saying:

Kudos to the Senate for having the moral fiber to defeat a bill that would have done absolutely nothing to enhance the safety of our children, meanwhile deluding us into believing we had done something meaningful.

Thank you to all those senators who voted against the bill. Perhaps now the national discussion can turn to other, more effective, ways of reducing violence.

Raymond O.P. Farrish

Professor emeritus, University of Connecticut, Tucson

Members of Congress wanted to jet away

Re: the April 28 article "FAA: Air-traffic system soon at full operation."

Have you wondered why Congress turned into the air-traffic delay issue so quickly? Simple, members fly and it impacts them. Wonder if there is a lesson here?

Keith B. Connolly

Retired, Tucson

'Legally Blonde' put a smile on our day

My wife and I recently saw the enduring musical production of "Legally Blonde" at Santa Rita High School. It was obvious the students, faculty and guest band members had worked very hard.

What was most amazing was watching both the student cast and crew members, patiently with love, respect and compassion, help guide their fellow special-needs students to participate in this production.

They put a smile on our day!

Our only criticism was that the auditorium was filthy, with old programs, water bottles, candy wrappers, etc., on the floor and seats from an earlier show.

If the Tucson Unified School District does not have the funds in the budget to pay the custodians to clean the auditorium between shows, then the teachers should demonstrate leadership and instruct the 75-plus students who make up the cast and crew to make one sweep through the auditorium to pick up all the trash between performances.

Gary Kipnis

Broker/owner, Tucson

Evidence suggests left is polarizing force

Re: the April 28 column "Can our nation withstand such divisive contempt?"

Leonard J. Pitts Jr. writes a column accusing conservative folks such as myself of being so polarized against his liberal ilk that he questioned whether our nation could survive such divisive contempt.

Keep in mind that his entire piece, with the exception of a reference to Bill Maher's sexist comments about Sarah Palin, concentrated on as many nut-job actions and comments as he could conger up and ended by accusing of us as flat-out wanting war.

Switching to the letters to the editor, I find one thanking McCain for voting for background checks and another thanking Flake for voting against it. The letter thanking McCain accused Flake of accepting payment from the NRA and stabbing Gabe Zimmerman's family in the back. While the Flake thank-you letter contained not one negative comment about anyone except the poorly written legislation itself.

So, who is polarized against whom?

John P. Slusser Sr.

USAF, retired, Tucson

Cyclovia messes up traffic, neighborhoods

Re: the April 25 article "This time, Cyclovia will go linear."

Cyclovia has proven to be nothing but a disastrous mess, disturbing the peace in quiet residential neighborhoods, violating the people's right to freely travel by blocking roads and driveways, and trashing neighborhoods that will have to be picked up by local residents on their own time and dime.

The day had barely started, yet I was unable to fulfill my chores and errands, such as visit the grocery store; the event route became a Maginot Line of hipsters; the obnoxious drum circles kept my neighbor's newborn awake and screaming for hours; traffic that otherwise flows freely became backed up for blocks, plugging up intersections and instigating road rage; by lunchtime, the streets, parks and lots hosting the event path were already littered with trash. The day could not end soon enough.

Cyclovia: You never asked permission to invade my neighborhood and disturb my life, and you are not welcome in here ever again. Keep out of my neighborhood, and stay far away.

Travis Reid

Tucson business owner, Tucson

PCC's arts program enhances community

Pima Community College has been in the news quite a lot lately. Many people seem to have one ax or another to grind.

My wife and I have many positive experiences from there. We attend plays and other events at the West Campus. Most recently, we saw "The Diary of Anne Frank." The presentation was superb and the actors were great. The director, Nancy Davis Booth, and all the other people in the drama department are to be complimented for this production and all of the other programs we have seen over the past five years.

There may be some issues to be resolved with the PCC board. However, this community should support the teachers, students and staff who provide the quality of programs the Fine Arts Department does.

Gail H. Skinner

Audiovisual technician, retired, Tucson

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