Try Bush, Cheney, et al. for war crimes

In 1946 at Nuremberg, Germany, we hanged men for having conspired against peace and for having waged an aggressive, unprovoked war against peace. It appears to me that the top U.S. officials are guilty of the same crimes and should stand trial at the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

George W.Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and their subordinates initiated a devastating war against a country with no involvement in 9/11 and did so knowingly.

This was not a mistake, as is being said currently, but a crime. They should be made to answer for this crime.

Dr. Henry K. Hall Jr.


It is indeed time for PCC board to resign

Re: The March 24 editorial "Replacements crucial to efforts to refocus community college's mission" and news article "Chilean poetry, Spanish love songs and retribution: Inside the Pima College harassment scandal."

I could not agree more with the Arizona Daily Star's editorial 

Coupled with the horrific news article, it is clear that PCC Governing Board members Scott Stewart, Brenda Even, Marty Cortez and David Longoria absolutely do "need to step down."

Far too many people have been hurt because these board members, for years, turned a blind eye, thus enabling the former, resigned and disgraced chancellor's abuse of power.

David W. Gallagher

Retired PCC faculty member, Tucson

Restroom gender bill would be a joke

Re: The unisex-restroom bill.

OK, so the Legislature wants us to enter only the public restroom of the gender indicated on our birth certificate.

I call this the unisex-restroom bill. So a transgendered individual born a woman but whose outward appearance cannot be distinguished from a man's must use the women's restroom and vice versa.

So from an appearance standpoint we now have universal unisex restrooms: People born female but looking like men walking into the women's restroom and people born male but looking like women walking into the men's restroom, all prescribed by law.

Brilliant! I can hear the deluge of 911 calls now: "There's a man in my restroom."

Bruce Cameron


A bicyclist thanks all for trails, courtesy

I would like to thank the Parks and Recreation departments of Tucson and Pima County for the excellent job they have done in developing a wonderful network of bicycle lanes, paths and trails in and around Tucson.

The system they have built and continue to build is truly outstanding. It is one of the best I have seen. It has something for every level of rider as well as walkers, hikers, and in some places, equestrians.

The citizens of Tucson can be justly proud.

I would also like to thank the drivers in Tucson for the courtesy and consideration they afford bicyclists. I sincerely appreciate your patience.

I try to reciprocate and encourage others to do the same by abiding by the same traffic laws you do, giving clear hand signals and riding single file.

Jim Stehn

Retired but not worn out, Tucson

Hold off on calling Game, Fish on wildlife

Re: the March 20 article "Wild critters are active now, but don't feed them."

There was a lot of good advice in this article.

However, the admonition to leave animals alone and "ask a professional at Game and Fish to assess the situation" may not be a good idea.

It seems to me that whenever Game and Fish becomes involved, they find it necessary to euthanize the animal in question.

I have seen peccaries in my neighborhood from time to time, and they seem to avoid human contact, not seek it.

So I have to ask the question: "What was the Game and Fish officer doing to the animals to antagonize them to the point that they attacked him?"

Or is it that wildlife just doesn't like Game and Fish officers?

Don Benchoff

Retired, Oro Valley

Ban big magazines, buy up existing ones

Most civilian firearms in the United States are semiautomatic, so it was futile for Sen. Diane Feinstein to attempt outlawing any of them, whether or not they had military features.

Hunters are not going to use bolt-action rifles from before World War I. The only new limitation that would make sense is on the capacity of ammunition magazines.

Ten rounds or fewer would be ideal, but a popular Glock pistol comes with a 15-round clip that fits in the grip.

Law enforcement people rely on the assailant having to reload to give themselves a brief opportunity to stop him.

Mandatory buybacks of large outlawed magazines would be economically feasible. That would overcome Colorado sheriffs' objection that their new law is unenforceable because it allows the legal possession of large magazines purchased before enactment of the ban. The sheriffs are correct; legislators take note.

Franklin Sax

Retired engineer, artilleryman in 1950s, Tucson