McCain turning Democrat?

Re: the July 26 article "McCain drops gloves, becomes ally to Obama."

With all the pandering to Obama that John McCain has been doing within the last six months, when will Obama be announcing a cushy position for our new Democrat Sen. McCain?

Howard S. MacNeill


What PCC board needs are new people

Re: the July 29 article "Besieged PCC board to get new training."

Teaching the Pima Community College Board of Governors the proper way to conduct the business of governance, a position that they were elected to, is akin to throwing good money after bad.

Board members have had many years to perform their jobs correctly, and they have not lived up to the standards of a majority of their predecessors. The four longest-serving board members have gone from being watchdogs for the community to a group of people that acquiesced to whatever the former chancellor wanted.

I have attended over 100 board meetings, and this has been coming for a long time. It is time to elect four new board members with the best interest of PCC and the community as their primary job.

John B. Mertes

Retired, Tucson

Cloth diapers should be considered an option

Re: the July 30 article "Diaper need forces some to steal, go without food."

I can't believe you published a whole article on the problems mothers have getting diapers. This generation is supposed to be about saving the environment, yet some are complaining they cannot afford to buy disposable diapers, which stink up the landfill. Are cloth diapers not available anymore?  

Mae Helmers

Retired LPN, Tucson

Cloth-diapering shouldn't be avoided

Re: the July 30 article "Diaper need forces some to steal, go without food."

While cloth diapering was mentioned in the article, it was promptly dismissed as too expensive. Cloth diapering can be a very inexpensive option. You can purchase a pack of 12 flats for the same price as a pack of 20 disposables. These can be hand-washed and line-dried nightly. Local stores carry used cloth diapers, and many can be found on Craigslist.

Laundromats will let you wash them in their facilities. I did when my washer broke in November. Many child-care providers are cloth-diaper-friendly, and any Arizona licensed facility is required to accept children wearing them. There are many great resources online and on Facebook, including cloth-diapering groups and forums to answer questions and help get new users started.

I hope the Daily Star reporters do a better job researching and reporting on the cost-saving benefits of cloth diapers in the upcoming poverty series.

Jennifer Buchanan

Stay-at-home mother, Tucson

El Rio Golf Course service just awful

On July 12 I experienced a situation at El Rio Golf Course that might be another reason why this course is facing extinction. I showed up three hours earlier than my scheduled prepaid tee time, assuming it was going to be a slow day and I could get out earlier. My assumption was correct, and the first tee was wide-open. However, the pro shop cashier refused to check me in, saying I would have to wait until after the "price break" kicked in two hours later.

I am a frequent player at Dell Urich and Silverbell golf courses and pro-shop personnel have been most accommodating when business is slow. To add insult to injury, when my time came, I was told my ticket was for a "shared cart" and would need to wait until someone else showed up. Isolated incident or common occurrence, I won't be back.

Norlene Kemp

Retired, Tucson

Border crackdown doesn't deter

Re: the July 12 guest column "We need sensible immigration reform; Operation Streamline must end."

Thank you for publishing this guest column. I watched this spectacle at the federal courthouse in March as the U.S. justice system came down on 48 Mexican and Central American immigrants. Shackled at their wrists and ankles, they shuffled forward in groups to be sentenced for illegal entry. One man broke into sobs. He told the judge he had tried repeatedly to visit his children in Florida, but got picked up by Border Patrol each time.

Does a jail sentence deter unauthorized border crossers? W. Eric Rau, an attorney with the federal public defender, doesn't think so. Many have already risked assault and death in the desert, hoping to reunite with loved ones or earn enough for a family member's operation, he said.

Come to the federal courthouse any weekday at 1:30 p.m. and watch your tax dollars at work. Then write to your representatives in Congress.

Denise Holley

Writer, Tucson