Primary voters face too many hurdles

Re: the April 20 letter to the editor “Ballot is how to check no-account legislators.”

The letter urges us all to get out and vote in primary elections as a way to support “moderate, responsible, intelligent candidates of both parties.” Wonderful advice. If only it were that simple.

Independents must specifically request a primary ballot prior to the election. That request must designate the one and only party ticket that ballot will cover. It is not possible to vote for a moderate from one party in one race and another moderate from a different party in another race.

The primary system has been designed by the political parties to protect their turf by making it difficult for independents to vote at all and impossible to do so effectively.

In 2012 the voters had the opportunity to establish a “top two” primary where everyone gets to vote in every race. Opposition by the two major parties was massive.

As the election nears, I hope the Star will give ample guidance to voters on how to clear the hurdles the system has established.

Jack Garner

Retired, Tucson

Legislature ignores ordinary residents

If reincarnation exists I want to be reincarnated in Arizona as either a fetus or a gun.

Only then will I get unwavering support from our crackpot Legislature. As a mere unarmed, adult, taxpaying voter I am completely ignored.

David P. Kelly

Retired, Tucson

No need for guns in gated communities

I rarely fail to read the letters to the editor, and I pay particular attention to those who dispute gun rights.

I suspect that most of the letter writers who are anti-gun live in a relatively safe community. While the Second Amendment should be protected for all of us, some forget guns are necessary for personal protection in communities with high crime, easy access to illegal drugs and less stable families.

Not everyone lives in a gated community. Everyone needs to be able to protect themselves, and I won’t vote to take that right away. A response to a critical 911 call might take 3-5 minutes; an entire family can lose their lives in that time. If you are anti-gun, consider a 30-day rental in a high crime area without one. You just might change your mind.

Patricia Cowan

Retired, Tucson

Congrats to high schools

Re: the April 23 article “BASIS North comes in at No. 5; University High is ranked No. 7.”

Congratulations are in order to BASIS Scottsdale, BASIS Tucson North and University High in Tucson for their top 10 rankings.

This certainly didn’t come easy but was earned through a combination of intelligent administration, dedicated teachers, motivated students, and interested and involved parents. It’s particularly noteworthy that this was accomplished in a state where “crying poor” has been a mantra and thereby an excuse for poor or failing results. I’d venture to say that these three schools have an academically grounded curriculum with a minimum of politically correct or “socially relevant” courses geared to satisfy certain special interests.

There is no reason why those substandard Tucson-area schools couldn’t learn from these examples, or is there?

Tom Vana

Retired, Marana