GOP agenda unfriendly to working people

Re: the Feb. 16 articles "Bill would exempt business disclosures" and "House won't get to vote on 2 bills to curb unions."

I was struck by the workings of our state legislators recently. One Republican legislator is proposing a bill to allow businesses in Arizona to shield from the public and government any health and safety reports and audits concerning anything negative about their products. This in the hope of making the owner improve the product, thus increasing their bottom line.

In another bit of legislative workings, two more legislators (Republicans) wanted to propose anti-union bills restricting how unions and management negotiate. Fortunately, the speaker of the House would not bring this to a vote.

What is to be said when businesses in Arizona are given help to increase their profits but the working men and women in this state are under constant attack from Republican legislators?

Is it not fair that all working Arizonans be able to make a good living and prosper? Just asking.

Robert T. Ornelas

Water systems operator,


Hang on to Fitz; he's a little a slice of heaven

Re: the Feb. 16 David Fitzsimmons column "At Gun-damentalist Church, blessed are the Uzis, AK-47s, hollow points."

Fitz's column cracked me up. The Rev. Wynn Chester - what a hoot. We would all miss a little slice of heaven if Fitz weren't in Tucson.

Be sure you do the right thing by him by never allowing him to leave.

Roberta S. Wright


'Eye in the sky' may be up there now

Listening to an FM station, I found the perfect theme for those who are wary of what drones in America can do to our privacy.

The chorus of The Alan Parsons Project 1982 hit "Eye in the Sky" spells out in eerie premonition when it states " I am the eye in the sky / Looking at you / I can read your mind."

How could a popular hit of the '80s predict it so clearly?

Look out - those drones will not only be checking our backyard barbecues but will soon be reading our minds.

Interestingly, the songwriter was referring to George Orwell's book "1984" where Big Brother was always watching just as those overhead cameras were starting to be used in Las Vegas casinos.

Better clear our minds of those bad thoughts!

Bryan Hughes

Retired, Oro Valley

State GOP lawmakers try to have it both ways

Re: the Feb. 16 article "Bill would exempt business disclosures."

Republicans want to prevent the public from seeing internal audits that businesses conduct on their products' safety. In spite of convincing evidence to the contrary, their logic-defying "reasoning": companies are more likely to fix defects if they're kept secret.

They've also proposed anti-union bills that require public labor negotiations and, under certain circumstances, preclude automatic deduction of union dues. The rationale for the one bill: Transparency is good.

These bills were pulled for fear of alienating unionized police and firefighters and because, as House Speaker Andy Tobin, R-Paulden, absurdly stated, "public safety is a Republican issue." Although that appears to have its limits.

The first bill protects businesses - public safety and transparency be damned. The others are more attempts to limit unions, whose main purpose is to protect workers.

While once again the Republicans try to have it both ways, they only succeed in displaying their hypocrisy and disregard for the average person.

Dan Gipple

Vietnam veteran, Tucson

Liberal hypocrisy in City Hall security plan

Re: the Feb. 15 article "Mayor, City Hall may get added security."

I find the article extremely interesting; however, the writer does not go into sufficient detail.

Since the mayor, police chief and the City Council members are all avid supporters of gun control, shall we assume that the additional security will consist of unarmed guards with a heavy dose of signs reading "Gun Free Zone" around City Hall?

After all, this is what they proposed to protect our children, so it should be good enough to protect them. Somehow, I do not think that this is the case.

Another example of liberal hypocrisy.

Eloy J. Blanco

Engineer, Vail