Some see stash of guns as sign of weakness

Ever since Hoot Gibson first appeared on the movie screen more than 90 years ago carrying a gun, it has been the emblem of manhood for a large section of the male population. To be a man is to brandish a gun.

Westerns, detective and war movies were never shown without guns solving problems.

Weapons now take the lead in so much of our culture that it is unimaginable for our pseudo warriors to turn them in or let them be regulated.

The gun shows and shooting ranges are testosterone parlors where men can talk about the many subjects surrounding guns and their destructive power.

This humorless bunch looks fiercely at those of us who consider a large a stash of guns as a sign of weakness, not heroics.

Hoot Gibson started something that he probably thought was entertainment, but which turned into a bloody movement.

The thousands killed every year are a testament to entertainment gone terribly wrong.

Ron Lancaster


We should test, license gun owners

To gain control of gun violence we must consider how to keep the potential shooters from the murderous weapons.

Background checks are not working. Reducing the firepower will only mean fewer children are shot per incident. Experts agree that trying to identify unstable individuals is currently impossible.

Let us consider a license for all gun owners.

In order to drive a car legally, a new driver has to pass a written as well as a driving test. Apply the same to potential new gun owners.

Instead of a driving test, a psychological evaluation, written and oral. No license, no gun.

What about the millions of current owners? All those without a felony or a misdemeanor related to guns for more than five years would be grandfathered and can get their photo ID license by mail. Eventually, everyone will have been tested.

It would be illegal for any owner to sell to an unlicensed individual.

The Second Amendment is protected.

No solution will be perfect, but what works for cars can work for guns.

Dr. Irwin M. Freundlich

University of Arizona

Letter writer missed Robinson's point

Re: the Jan. 26 letter to the editor "Headline on Robinson column was racist."

Regarding the letter protesting the racist tone of Eugene Robinson's Jan. 22 column, "Seeing a black president re-elected is wondrous feeling." The letter writer missed the entire point of the article in question.

Consider the experience of a black person who grew up in the segregated South; was made to drink from separate public fountains; suffered the humiliation of having his mother, pregnant with a sibling, and himself moved back further on the bus to accommodate the comfortable transportation needs of a white man; and daily made to walk past a schoolyard with swings, merry-go-round, and other marvelous children's playground equipment on his way to his segregated, bare-bones school.

As one who, yes, based on skin color, never experienced any of the foregoing, then perhaps the more appropriate response to these Jim Crow insults to human dignity would be compassion and understanding.

Joy Miller-Frilot

Retired, Tucson

Who buys products when no one has job?

Re: the Jan. 25 article "A world where jobs go extinct wholesale."

The issue of automation taking away jobs has also been raised by Nobel Prize-winning economists such as Wassily Leontief.

In 1982 Leontief pointed out that if all of our goods and services were provided by robots, nobody would be gainfully employed and, since being unemployed means receiving no wages, we would all starve in a society of plenty since nobody could afford to buy anything.

Possible solutions that have been proposed range from taxing the robots (or at least the products they produce) so that everybody was guaranteed an income and could afford to buy the products, to everybody working less as our society becomes more automated so that all of us might work.

This is an interesting and important issue given too little attention by the media, so kudos to the Star for running it on the front page.

Greg Evans

Translator, Tucson

Obama, Dems leading us into bankruptcy

Are the American people sleeping? Wake up!

Can't you see that President Obama and the Democrats are leading us to bankruptcy?

All of you people who want entitlements from the government won't be getting any if we go bankrupt!

Ron Gagner

Retired, Tucson