Teen's rants reflect parents' failure

Re: the June 17 article "Some gaffes heard 'round the world, due to Internet."

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but the most troubling part of the article isn't a 15-year-old's "racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs," but that his family (in this case the family of a United States senator representing Arizona) has not taught him more appropriate core values.

How do we know he is not repeating what he has heard around the dinner table?

I believe children are more influenced by their parents' values than by the values and prejudices of their friends.   

Kenneth H. Cohn

Veterinarian, Tucson

Thanks to those who helped lady in distress

A big thank you to Brian. I had a flat tire coming off of I-10 at Orange Grove Road.

I pulled into the Sprouts parking lot and to my surprise he stopped and offered assistance to change my tire.

It was 105 degrees outside with no shade in sight, and without missing a beat he had me on the road in no time.

Thank you to Brian and all of my Tucson neighbors who are still willing to help a lady.

Loretta Allen

Retired, Tucson

Congress should attend to president's budget

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that the proposed presidential budget would cut the federal deficit by more than $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years.

The savings would result from a balanced approach of budget cuts and revenue increases from an improving economy and the elimination of many tax loopholes.

The plan addresses many short-term and long-range issues that are confronting our country, such as high unemployment, infrastructure improvements, education, science and technology, climate change and environmental issues.

Unfortunately, our elected officials lack the time to consider this proposal. Their focus remains on continuing political bickering, raising money for reelection, trying to repeal Obamacare, gay rights and abortion issues and many real and/or imagined daily crisis situations.

It is high time for all eligible voters to remind our Congressional representatives what our priorities are. Washington may be broken, but it is not beyond repair!

Gunter Pawlowski

Retired, Tucson

Abortion foes seem blind to consequences

Re: the June 7 article "Abortion foes want no-warrant inspections."

Cathi Herrod of the Center of Arizona Policy and state Sen. Nancy Barto are two women who want to take away other women's right to make their own decisions.

What do these women expect to happen as a result of no abortion policies in the state? Who do they expect to take care of unwanted children? How many unwanted babies have they personally adopted or fostered?

Pima County has 1,000 more children needing foster care today than one year ago. How many of these additional children were unwanted, unplanned pregnancies? And they want to stop women from making the decision to end their pregnancies?

Fifty years ago my former husband and I were struggling for me to become pregnant and we ended up going to Planned Parenthood. To our everlasting joy and happiness we became pregnant and I delivered a beloved daughter. So these women want to remove Planned Parenthood's effectiveness to assist women in all ways?

Anne Perrin

Corona de Tucson

US has experience using chemicals in war

I'm glad we are keeping a sharp eye on Syria and the use of chemical weapons.

I think the world learned its lesson when America sprayed large areas with Agent Orange and napalm during the Vietnam War. The toll was devastating for millions of people, their live stock, crops and the many children still being born with birth defects. The suffering was so profound that we now can preach to other countries not to do as we did.

Ron Lancaster