Fired PCC official aided

Handi-Dogs, veterans

Re: the Sept. 25 article “PCC fires 2 officials for performance at downtown campus.”

I was shocked about the termination of Luba Chliwniak as president of the Pima Community College downtown campus — especially in view of my experience with her as a fellow board member of Handi-Dogs.

Dr. Chliwniak helped initiate a partnership between Handi-Dogs and PCC allowing Handi-Dogs to provide information sessions about our veterans services. She also offered Handi-Dogs space for service dog training for veterans — which we are still hopeful may happen in the future.

I am puzzled by the report that she asked a student to keep his/her service dog on a leash. Use of a leash is a requirement under the ADA for service animals unless a physical disability prevents its use.

I am not speaking for Handi-Dogs, but I want to let the community know that Dr. Chliwniak has shown herself to be very supportive of veterans and service dogs. She served PCC during some very difficult times and I believe that her termination is a great loss to our community.

Kathy Alexander

Small-business owner, Tucson

Tea-party cartoon

by Fitz was appalling

Re: the Oct. 4 editorial cartoon by David Fitzsimmons.

As a Republican and a patriotic American, I was appalled at the cartoon. Perhaps Fitzsimmons forgot that President Obama was in town shortly after the mass shooting asking for more civility. David compared the tea party to the terrorists who killed almost 3,000 people on 9/11. We all know where David stands politically. He makes it clear almost every day.

He must be taking lessons on civility from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. Unfortunately, we don’t have another choice in choosing a newspaper in Tucson. Free speech is certainly our constitutional right in the U.S., but it is not in good taste to publish a cartoon making a joke about almost 3,000 deaths. I don’t believe that the tea party has caused any deaths.

Gary Paulson

Retired, Tucson

Privy is the best place

for Congress members

Re: the Oct. 6 article “House OKs back pay when workers return.”

So Congress will now give back pay to all who have been furloughed. Good for them. If this truly happens, then all those who will get their back pay should immediately report back to work. Otherwise, the American taxpayer is financing additional paid vacation, except this time, most of the government employees are on vacation at the same time!

So who’s getting hurt? The recipients of the government employees’ labor, namely all of us, who pay for the work in the first place! Is this nonsense or what? Where’s the logic in this? Where are legislators who have an ounce of common sense?

We have overpaid, pampered prima donnas running this country — from both political parties, in all the houses. In November of 2014, let’s put them all in the house they belong: the outhouse.

Ernie Malachowski

Retired CEO, Tucson

Back salary won’t help

federal employees now

Friday is the first payday of two for this month — the first half of this month’s income — and for federal employees, that money will not arrive. We have necessary living expenses to pay for, just as every other working person. How would you make your monthly budget without the first half of your income? Millions of federal employees are in this predicament.

Although Congress has recently approved back pay for federal workers, when we will be paid next is unknown. No Continuing Resolution is a big deal!

Marianne Milczarek

Federal employee, Oro Valley