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June 11, 2013 12:00 am  • 

Teachers are heroes who serve and protect

You read the stories. Teachers using their paychecks to buy supplies for their students. In disasters, such as Sandy Hook and Oklahoma, teachers shield their students from certain harm with their own bodies. The definition of a hero is one who puts their own safety at risk to keep another from harm. These are heroes.

Their cars do not read "To serve and protect" as do our police cruisers. Even though they have no blood relation to those kids, they still feel an intense need to see to those they teach, to keep them safe.

To anyone who believes that teachers are simply overpaid moochers on the public dole, be ashamed.

I give thanks to everyone who chooses to give our future generations the knowledge they need to make their way in the world.

Daniel Poryanda

CNC machinist, Tucson

Decision protects 4th amendment

Re: the May 31 article "Justices reject 'implied consent.' "

I am privileged to be a co-author of one of the many amicus curiae briefs that flooded the Arizona Supreme Court from all parts of the country in support of Tyler B's constitutional protections, and I have to take issue with the subhead for the article "Rules weakened for minors suspected of DUI in Arizona."

It really should have been "4th Amendment protections strengthened" because that is what the Tyler B. case does. The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Tyler B. prevents the police from doing an invasive bodily search where consent is questionable without the intervention of a neutral magistrate. County Attorney Barbara LaWall complains that "it just makes it really, really tough, because there isn't any bright line." She's right - it should be tough to violate someone's Fourth Amendment rights.

James Nesci

Attorney, Tucson

Federal watching provokes questions

Re: the June 8 article "Federal watching rampant these days."

We are supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. How does this square with collecting data on every phone call every American makes? Have the terrorists won? Will we Americans give up our every right and every liberty? Is this still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Are we free? Are we brave?

Or are we so terrified that we will give away our rights to the government if only the government will protect us from terrorists? Our government is supposed to operate with the consent of the governed. Do we consent? Does it matter?

Betsy Van De Beuken


Be thankful someone trying to protect US

Re: the June 8 article "Federal watching rampant these days."

I am wondering if those who are concerned about the government's use of data from Internet and telephone companies to help protect us from terrorist attacks are also as concerned that private companies have and also use all of this data and much more.

What would happen if there were another terrorist attack (or for that matter, any other serious crime) and we did not use available telephone and Internet information to try to prevent it from happening or to identify the perpetrators. We should be thankful that someone is trying to protect us.

We should not use the telephone or Internet unless we are willing to lose some of our privacy. 

Charles Sutfin

Retired, Oro Valley

Releasing bighorn sheep a misuse of tax dollars

Re: the June 7 article "Problem pumas to be hunted down."

This idiotic proposal to introduce bighorn sheep into the Catalinas and then to guarantee that they can ameliorate the inevitable sacrifice of these animals to the increasing mountain lion population ranks up there with the most stupid misuse of taxpayers' limited money that I have seen.

The Legislature and governor should kill this project of the Arizona Game and Fish Department and cut its budget by the amount of this project plus the salaries of all the bureaucrats involved in approving and supporting this idiotic proposal.

The money could be put to better use in Arizona schools and other children's needs than wasted on projects like this.

Fred Sheaffer

Retired, Tucson

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