Drama in Nevada

is a warning to feds

I hope the Bureau of Land Management, the Environmental Protection Agency and all other government entities are smart enough to realize that what they ran into in Nevada is but a small sample of what they will encounter if they ever decide to come after people’s guns.

This is a country of laws but not of enforcement by a bunch of jackbooted thugs with attack dogs, guns, snipers in the hills and Tasers.

I would have thought they might have learned something from Waco.

And where was Harry Reid during all this? Doesn’t he represent these people? Or was he hiding under some rock in D.C.?

Vernon Stedronsky

Retired, Tucson

Nevada lawbreakers

are just an armed mob

If it is factual that the lawbreaking Nevada armed mob on federal land actually threatened to put children in front of their line, there is only one word to describe them: cowards.

To describe these lawbreakers as “patriots” is to smear the honor of every veteran of every war since independence. They are simply an armed mob defying federal law.

The issue is a matter to be resolved in court because the United States is a nation of laws.

Billy H. Conn

WWII Veteran, Tucson

Forest Service project

is a mixed blessing

Re: the April 22 article “3 cabin rentals added in scenic Coronado Forest.”

Thanks to the Star for keeping us informed about our U.S. Forest Service’s business ventures. I usually have mixed feelings about these types of enterprises, but it’s nice to see historic buildings restored and used by the public.

On the other hand, it seems that the Forest Service is only interested in those recreational projects that will yield revenue from fees or enrich their private partners.

Meanwhile, dispersed camping areas go completely ignored for decades while trash, feces and enormous fire pits accumulate, scarring the landscape.

It’s true that, through ignorance or negligence, visitors often abuse these sites. But for a very small fraction of what the Forest Service spends developing fee sites, they could restore these natural areas and, in the process, set a good example for the public.

Greg Lewis

Musician, Tucson

Will and Pitts are an odd

yet well-matched couple

I want to thank you for placing the columns by George Will and Leonard Pitts Jr. on the same page in your paper.

I cannot conceive of a better comparison of liberal and conservative views of life. As a card- carrying liberal I always think of Will’s comments as reprehensible while Pitts’ comments are inspiring. And so goes life.

David L. Divine

Green Valley

WICHE gives students

some higher-ed options

Re: the April 23 letter to the editor “Vet school for UA is a no-brainer.”

Arizona is a member of the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education. As a member, Arizona students are eligible for admission to certain programs at any of the other WICHE member-schools, paying either in-state or reduced-rate tuition.

Students interested in veterinary science can attend UC-Davis, Colorado State, Oregon State or Washington State. The WICHE website at www.wiche.edu lists all eligible programs and describes the programs and process for applying.

Phil Lopes

Former member of the WICHE

legislative advisory committee