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April 17, 2014 12:00 am

Students can’t succeed

with uncaring parents

Recent articles indicated a discrepancy in student test scores, especially among minorities. Having taught a panorama of ethic groups/cultures for 41 years, there is a common denominator for success.

If the parents are not interested or willing to support their children, as well as working with them at home, achievement will be less than sterling. No amount of money tossed on the education table will make a difference.

Color makes no distinction when it comes to being attentive, facing the challenges of learning and meeting deadlines, but uncaring parents will be detrimental to any educational achievement.

Nothing, whether “No Child Left Behind,” “Common Core” or an epistle from Bill Gates will improve test scores if the parents aren’t actively involved and supporting the schools.

George Terhaar

Retired, Pearce

Anti-ACA cartoon

was outrageous

Re: the April 9 editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy.

The cartoon is the typical misleading, negative Republican twist on the Affordable Care Act. His cartoon suggesting that 7.1 million served is a “fudged” number is simply outrageous.

McCoy is quick to dismiss the fact that 7.1 million people are now able to get health insurance, many for the first time. He also dismisses the millions more who are now able to access Medicaid. But this doesn’t matter to people of this ilk.

What matters to them is that to their horror the Affordable Care Act is working and people will actually get health care. I do not understand how these people can be against health care for everyone. I guess it is because they have theirs and those who don’t be damned.

Cartoons and opinions like McCoy’s do nothing to address the reality of health-care needs in this country, and instead promote untruths and prejudice. They just support the oligarchs, who are laughing all the way to the banks.

Carolyn Webb

Retired social worker, Tucson

Newspaper seller

gives courage for free

Last week, while driving home after a mammogram, I was crying and couldn’t stop. At the corner of River and La Cholla a man was selling newspapers, and I bought one.

He was genuinely concerned and asked if I was all right. I nodded. He gently shook my hand and said, “It gets better.”

Thank you, sir, for giving me courage when I needed it the most.

Shirley Piel

Certified MLT, Tucson

Just 1 way to enforce

background checks

Re: the April 13 editorial “Loughner’s rants online underscore need for gun laws.”

Once again the Star is pushing common-sense gun-control laws, specifically universal background checks. I ask you, how do you see such a law being enforced?

Common sense says there is only one way it could be enforced: by knowing who has what when the law goes into effect, which means universal registration. It’s only common sense.

Mike Garman

Engineer, Tucson

Pay-gap argument

holds no water

Re: the April 15 guest column “Pay gap based on gender inexcusable; congressional action needed.”

In the past week, the Star has printed two articles and one political cartoon backing the White House claim of a 23 percent gender pay gap due to discrimination.

In Rep. Ron Barber’s recent guest column he says, “Nationally, women today earn 77 cents for every $1 earned by a man — for no reason other than their gender.” That is false.

The White House had to back off this claim. The Washington Post fact-checker said it is misleading at best. Barber now wants to pass a law based on that false claim.

As Thomas Sowell wrote in his syndicated column: “It would certainly be discrimination if women were doing the same work as men, for the same number of hours, with the same amount of training and experience, as well as other things being the same.

“But study after study, over the past several decades, has shown repeatedly that those things are not the same. Constantly repeating the ‘77 percent’ statistic does not make them the same. It simply takes advantage of many people’s ignorance.”

Chuck Hildebrand

Real estate, Tucson

Poor impression

is lawmakers’ fault

I found an interesting combination of articles in Wednesday’s paper.

The story on the front page touted that the Legislature was preparing new gun laws to send to the governor that would further loosen existing regulations and pre-empt local laws.

Essentially anything would be permissible, and local citizens and law enforcement officials have no say.

In the editorial, it was noted that the bumps on East Valencia Road are making a poor impression on those visiting Tucson for the first time.

I would beg to differ and feel the “bumps” in the Legislature passing inane laws that defy common sense on all levels might be the reason people arrive and leave with poor impressions of Tucson and Arizona.

Alan Barreuther


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