Everyone has a stake; everyone should pay

The Obama administration states that the people have voted for higher taxes for the rich.

Isn't it just great that those people who don't pay or pay little federal income taxes can vote that others "pay their fair share?"

Everyone in this country has a stake in its success and everyone should pay federal income taxes, even if it is $100, $10 or even $1 - that would then truly be everyone "paying their fair share."

Rosalie Wright

Retired aerospace employee, Oro Valley

Civil engineers might consider a union

Re: the Dec. 14 letter to the editor "Obama's right-to-work opposition socialistic."

I find it interesting that a civil engineer would oppose the president's and unions' "socialistic agenda" to support infrastructure investment that provides work to many civil engineers in both the public and private sectors.

What is more interesting is the fact that construction and civil-engineering wages have stagnated over the past 30 years, especially in right-to-work states. Many engineers I know work long hours that are compensated by an annual salary which, if broken down to an hourly wage, would probably add up to slightly above minimum wage.

Maybe it's time civil engineers formed a professional union like their doctor and lawyer counterparts have in the AMA and ABA.

Susan J. DeHart

Engineering technician, Tucson

Letter calling for repeal of health law incorrect

I write in response to a recent conservative letter to the editor in which the writer opined that repealing Obamacare would help the economy by saving $1.7 billion.

There are two problems with his suggestion. The first is that tens of millions of Americans, men, women and children, would not have access to health care, which would cause great hardship, including bankruptcies, and needless illness, suffering and death. I would also point out that these tens of millions Americans would get their health care in hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent-care centers, which dramatically drives up the cost of health care for us all and reduces the effectiveness of our health-care system.

In fact, Obamacare covers most Americans and lowers the average cost per person for us all. The truth has a leftist lean.

Robert G. Mohelnitzky


Thanks to whoever returned my credit card

To the person who found my credit card at the QT on Golf Links Road: I cannot thank you enough.

I did not realize it was missing until this afternoon and was frantic looking for it. I called the store and they told me someone had turned it in. It is very comforting to know there are still honest citizens out there that do the right thing. May you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chris Bates

Medical billing specialist, Tucson

Mr. President, don't delay on gun control

Dear Mr. President:

In response to the Sandy Hook school shootings, you asserted that it's time for "meaningful action." Please forgive my cynicism, but such platitudinous statements are heard after every tragic mass shooting. But what meaningful actions have been taken in the past? Absolutely none.

Who's next, Mr. President? Who? Whose kids, their parents, their grandparents, their teachers? Who and how many more must give their lives before meaningful action happens?

The NRA and the gun-rights lobby are surely going to claim that you're after their guns. So, prove them right!

Please exert your leadership to force the enactment of reasonable, enforceable restrictions on the guns and ammunition individuals can purchase. Now!

Marion W. Anders


This teacher doesn't want to carry a gun

Re: the Dec. 20 article "2 groups advocate arming teachers."

I am a teacher - and I consistently misplace my keys, glasses, book bag, paper, pens. And you want me to carry a gun?

Rosanne Thompson


Arming everyone would be madness

Arming citizens as a means to protect society is not the "other side" of the gun issue. The other side of the gun issue is allowing hunters to have a rifle to shoot a deer at a reasonable distance.

Rather, arming everyone in society as a means to protect society is madness. It's based on the assumption that everyone in society is rational and will behave rationally at all times while in possession of a gun - and this is obviously not the case.

If we truly want to protect ourselves and our children from gun violence, then we must remove guns from our society. It's pretty straightforward - if everyone has a gun, people will shoot each other; if no one has a gun, they won't.

Bruce Gungle

Hydrologist, Tucson