Firefighters' deaths a chance to learn

Re: the July 1 article "19 firefighters killed in Prescott-area blaze."

I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the families of the 19 brave firefighters who perished in the recent Yarnell fire. America is truly blessed with the quality of our firefighters. The loss of 19 is terrible.

If my memory serves, the Mann Gulch fire of 1949 in Montana was the last really large fatal fire, with 13 fatalities. As a result of the Mann Gulch fire, many important lessons were learned and new procedures were implemented.

I hope the analysis of this fire will bring about necessary changes to insure the safety of our brave firefighters.

Bruce Payette

Retired, Tucson

Bill should require that migrants register

Concerning the design and passage of the immigration bill, the most significant problem is not even discussed. The federal government:

1. does not enforce existing immigration law, so why can we assume that any new law will be enforced?

2. allows many employers to ignore current law and preferentially hire illegal workers with no real concern that they will be punished for doing so.

3. attempts to punish state and local law enforcement officials for holding illegal migrants who have broken some local law.

If they were serious about an enforceable new immigration law, it would require that illegal immigrants come out and sign up by a specified date and receive a temporary visa (after proving at least three years residency).

After such a specified date, all illegal immigrants who did not choose to register would be sought out and deported by all policing agencies.

Alvin A. Winn

Retired, Tucson

People love whom they love

I do not understand the right's two main arguments against gay marriage.

One is that gay marriage threatens heterosexual marriage. How so? When the gay couple next door gets married, do their straight neighbors automatically get a divorce? Do they spontaneously combust? I haven't heard one person rationally explain to me just what that "threat" entails.

Secondly, they cite the Bible in justification. This is the same book that brought you incest, bigamy, condoned rape (Deuteronomy) and human sacrifice. Don't forget killing the adulterers - if that were applied half the politicians would be dead.

People love who they love. They deserve the same rights as anyone else.

Why don't they express their zeal over something really important, such as tackling poverty and violence or cleaning up our toxic air, soil and water? The right's preoccupation and downright obsession with people's sex lives and women's bodies strikes me as unhealthy.

Susi Learn

Retired, Tucson

PR campaign must be grounded in research

Re: the June 25 article "$300K PR push OK'd for TUSD."

It appears someone's getting the cart before the horse. The "cart," if you will, headed the list as the usual promotion items: new district logo, brochures, posters, mailers, pamphlets and media advertisements. The "horse" then followed, listing community events and market research.

It was also said that this isn't smoke and mirrors when you talk about marketing. If one puts the cart before the horse, the probable outcome is a campaign grounded in smoke and mirrors.

I would hope this effort begins with market research and community events, simply gathering relative input from potential users.

The outcomes might ensure a greater measure of success with whatever follows. Might even save the district a few bucks.

Don M. Weaver

Marketing consultant, Tucson

Public's business? It's a Tucson thing

Re: the June 23 letter to the editor "Public's business done in strange ways."

To the letter writer who questioned the wisdom of our local school board members. Just go to the bottom of the editorial page and you will get your answers in the guest column by Si Schorr. It's a Tucson thing!

Lew Sexton

Retired, Tucson