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April 24, 2014 12:00 am

Cattle ranchers seeking handouts

Re: the April 22 article “Battle lines harden in Nev. standoff.”

It seems that the tea party has gotten into bed with the Nevada grazing socialists who want, essentially, food stamps for their cattle.

I thought these people were all about not taking handouts from the government. So it’s OK for the government to feed your cattle, but not provide education or health care for my grandchildren? Sorry, but I just don’t get it.

Caroline Tompkins

Writer, Tucson

Kudos to runner

with eating disorder

Re: the April 18 article “Dorados runner controls disorder.”

It took a great deal of courage for Bridgette Doucet to admit not only to her teammates, but in a public article, that she had an eating disorder.

Most seek support through anonymous groups, but Bridget chose a public form, which I believe will help others address this problem.

As the article points out, she burst on the scene her sophomore year and has proven to be a very talented runner. What impresses me the most is how supportive she is to other runners in this sport.

At the Willie Williams meet she waited at the finish line, after winning the 3200 race, cheering every runner until the last one crossed the line.

As a distance running coach, I am obviously impressed by her talent, but more impressed with her character.

Gary Forrest

Head track coach,

Ironwood Ridge High School

The University of NBA?

I’ve noticed that university presidents have just discovered that their lofty institutions of learning are also being used by the NBA as their minor league system and they are shocked — shocked, I tell you!

It’s believed many will hardly be able to make it to the bank to cash their weekly network-TV checks.

Tom Hemingway

Retired, Tucson

Water crisis more important than houses

Re: the April 20 article “2,500 homes planned at Wilmot, I-10.”

A developer says that building 2,500 more homes at Interstate 10 and Wilmot is “really positive for Tucson.” Really? That means 2,500 more washing machines washing, toilets flushing, sinks using water, tubs or showers for bathing, hoses spraying, etc.

This is “positive” for desert-bound Tucson? The Legislature and chambers of commerce don’t talk about our impending water crisis because it might discourage development. Fortunately, we have lots of sand for them to bury their heads in.

All Arizonans need to focus on mitigating our water crisis, not building more homes.

Jeffrey Dean


‘Legend’ doesn’t mean what you think it does

Re: the April 18 column “‘Bear Down’ should be played up.”

I thoroughly agree with the concept of the column. However, Greg Hansen’s reference to the “Button Salmon legend” reinforces the truth that Greg, and sports writers in general, like to use the word “legend” despite having no clue regarding the meaning of the word.

Google the definition of legend and the first synonym listed is “myth.” Paul Bunyan is a legend. As used in the column, it implies that Button Salmon never existed in real life, but his story makes good reading.

Each time writers use the word “legend” in that manner, they should gargle with salt water and swish their mouth out good with fresh water. Other than that, Star sports writers are doing a great job.

Frank Wiersma

Retired UA professor, Tucson

Lawmakers’ stand

on Israel is ludicrous

Re: the April 16 article “House backs Israel’s claim to West Bank.”

Hard to believe the Arizona House, in its infinite wisdom, took a stand on a topic which a) has nothing to do with Arizona, and b) they apparently know very little about.

The United Nations has declared the Israeli occupation of Palestine (West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza, as well as the Golan Heights) illegal. And then to use the Old Testament as justification for the seizure of another people’s land is nothing short of ludicrous.

It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw: “God is not a Realtor.”

Aston Bloom

Retired teacher, Tucson

Political divide boils down to 1 thing: wealth

Re: the April 17 column “Why today’s political discourse is so heated.”

Conservatives like George Will would like us to believe that our current political divide is between their passion for “liberty” and the progressive championing of “democracy,” as if they were mutually exclusive.

However, this conservative passion for “liberty” is noticeably absent when gay people want to marry, women want reproductive rights or workers want to unionize.

Will’s brand of liberty extends only to the wealthy who want unlimited political influence and to avoid paying taxes, protecting the environment and paying employees living wages.

Our true political divide is between true democracy and the arrogant entitlement of wealth.

Craig Wunderlich

Social worker, Tucson

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