‘We the People’ have representatives we elect

Congress is a reflection of the American public. It seems we don’t care who is elected unless it affects us. When we do vote, less than 50 percent of us go to the polls and states are making it harder to vote. In a democracy, the people are suppose to elect their representatives. Is this government really who you elected to represent you?

We have privatized war, prisons and education. We are working on privatizing entitlements, to benefit whom? Wall Street! We have allowed, in the name of freedom of speech, corporations to be declared people, opening the door to purchasing our “representatives” to the highest bidder.

We can point our finger at Obama, the tea party, the NRA, Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives, but in the end WE have allowed this terrible distortion of democracy.

“We, the People” had better be frightened. How does a people take back its representatives from the moneyed who own them? There is a thin line between evolution and revolution... and history can repeat itself.

Roger Engels

Retired, Tucson

Tucson dooms itself

to low-wage jobs

Re: the Nov. 12 article “High-pay jobs not in Tucson forecast.”

What else should we expect? Numerous public officials and local pundits have repeatedly come out against new jets at Davis-Monthan, Rosemont Copper and improved roads around the city. I lost my last job in 2009 and was forced to take Social Security at age 62 so I could try to keep up with bills.

Your own writers have commented that the short duration of Rosemont isn’t worth the potential downside. I would have loved to have a job like Rosemont would provide. We are doomed to low-paying jobs in Tucson because our visionaries want it that way. The downside is that people can’t live on that income, and our crime rate reflects that.

Mark McInnis

Retired, Tucson

Affordable Care Act may be OK — in a year or so

Re: the Nov. 15 article “From Obama on health care: a blunt acceptance of blame.”

Gee, it seems like only yesterday that the president was willing to shut the government down to defend the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, his “signature domestic policy.” I believe he said something along the lines of “It’s the law. Passed by a duly elected congressional body, it cannot be changed.”

My what a difference a couple million people kicked off their insurance by the law makes. No worries, though. I’m sure with another year they’ll get the almost 4-year-old law right.

Mike Gardner

Project manager, Tucson

District leadership makes all the difference

Re: the Nov. 15 article “Sunnyside recall group turns in petitions.”

I am amazed (but not surprised) at the difference a change in leadership can make to the success of an organization. Case in point is the progress being made in the Tucson Unified School District since H.T. Sanchez took over. The overall tone since has been positive, progressive and productive. Teachers and parents are happier, while TUSD students and the community are benefiting.

Meanwhile, in the Sunnyside school district, we lost an override measure; teachers, parents and students are demoralized, afraid and upset; and the tone of the information flow is defensive and one of continual damage control and criticism. There have been many instances of Sunnyside parents saying they didn’t vote for the override due to the lack of trust in Sunnyside’s leadership.

Might the override have passed, and the community been better off, had we had new leadership in the district? How many more chances to fix Sunnyside can we stand?

Jose Hernandez

Retired, Tucson

Usage fee for roads is reasonable

Re: the Nov. 17 guest column “Gas tax increase: Have I lost all sense? No — I’m facing reality.”

Kudos to Chuck Huckelberry for his logical and much-needed suggestion of an additional usage fee to pay for Tucson road maintenance. We can’t keep going down this path of denial; many of our “paved” roads are essentially unpaved and one can barely ride a bicycle on them.

I moved here 12 years ago, have watched the roads deteriorate steadily over that whole time, and will certainly leave if this is not reversed. If I was a business owner I would definitely think twice about expanding to Tucson after getting a look at the roads.

William Nelson

Programmer, Tucson