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July 07, 2014 12:00 am

Bush, Congress, CIA share blame for Iraq

Re: the June 27 guest column “George Miller: Hold Bush accountable for Iraq.”

George W. Bush and his cronies should have their day in court.

Shame on them and anyone else who did not come forward and openly state the information Bush offered was false. Where were the CIA and Congress ? Why weren’t they all impeached or fired?

Shame on all of us for not pushing it.

Joyce Harrison

Retired, Tucson

Grijalva’s criticism rings hollow

Rep. Raúl Grijalva has taken it upon himself to criticize John Huppenthal for comments he made about Arizona’s education system. He’s even calling for his resignation. Does Grijalva really have the best interests of Arizona in mind?

Has everyone forgotten about  Grijalva’s call for a nationwide boycott of Arizona, when SB 1070 was passed? How many millions of dollars did Arizona (and Tucson) lose because of the canceled concerts, etc? How much in lost wages for the service industry workers?

And that isn’t even the end of it.

With the military cutbacks in the defense budget and the possibility of Tucson losing the A-10 Thunderbolt II jet (Warthog), Grijalva voted no on the bill to save this aircraft. It appears Grijalva doesn’t care about the people of Arizona or Tucson.

What Huppenthal did wasn’t wise or the right thing to do, but what Grijalva has done to this state, and not for this state, also hasn’t been wise or the right thing either.

Sharon Slade

Retired, Tucson

Encourage,don’t tax, solar energy

Re: the July 1 article “Lawsuit filed over property taxes on solar panels.”

As an environmental science student, I understand the advantages solar energy can have both environmentally and financially. However, to take away the financial benefit of solar by taxing it simply hurts those who would want to obtain solar energy.

I have family who live in England — not the world’s sunniest place — and they have solar panels, yet we are still debating the merits here in Arizona. State and local governments should be excited to adopt aggressive solar goals instead of worrying whether they will be taxed for their efforts. Arizona should be taking advantage of this clean and cost-effective power, not taxing the sun.

Natalie Robbins

UA student, Tucson

Vacant schools

not fit for animals

I have to laugh at the proposals to house immigrant children or homeless people in abandoned Tucson Unified School District schools.

I live across the street from the former Van Horne Elementary School, and it’s a blight of broken glass, boarded windows, gutted rooms, loose trash, busted playground equipment and acres of dirt where grass once grew.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would consider it inhumane to house stray dogs in such a place.

Plus many of these immigrant “children” are teenagers, and I sincerely doubt if a 3-foot-tall fence would keep them in.

Perhaps Adelita Grijalva and other members of the TUSD board should actually go look at the abandoned derelicts they left all over town before making such foolish statements.

John Vornholt

Writer, Tucson

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