Sunnyside team’s joy

just made my day

Re: the Aug. 15 article “Sunnyside wins LLWS title.”

The front-page photo of the Sunnyside Little League softball team’s unmitigated joy as they celebrated their World Series win had me smiling before my first cup of coffee. Congratulations to the girls and Coach Rene Ayala!

Laura Penny

Executive Director Women’s

Foundation of Southern Arizona

Major leaguers could

learn from Sunnyside

Re: the Aug. 15 article “Sunnyside wins LLWS title.”

I can’t sit through a single inning of Major League Baseball, but I was absolutely enthralled watching Sunnyside’s softball team win the Little League World Series. Not only do these girls display an incredible level of skill, discipline and intensity; they play the game with a joy and unselfish camaraderie that puts their adult counterparts to shame.

Professional athletes would do well to emulate these young amateurs. The team, coaches and their families should be enormously proud of their shared success.

Will Clipman

Artist, Tucson

Sun Van hike would hurt the vulnerable

Re: the Aug. 12 article “Sun Van rate proposal would triple low-income fare.”

Our family is concerned about the proposed fare increase for Sun Van riders. These riders are among the most vulnerable citizens of our city.

Tucson is willing to spend millions of dollars on a streetcar system. We should be able to provide much-needed transportation for our disabled citizens. Shame on us if we try to balance the city budget on their backs.

Henry and Mary Hanson

Retired, Tucson

Shoot my neighbor

if he tosses a rock?

Re: the Aug. 13 article “Family vows to pursue suit vs. US in fatal ’11 Border Patrol shooting.”

If my neighbor throws a rock at me, can I shoot him?

Jose Marquez


Honoring Sam Hughes,

a murderer, is wrong

Re: the July 28 column “Retired teacher’s mural is a gift and history lesson at Sam Hughes.”

Let us teach Tucson’s children the real history of Sam Hughes. He was a terrorist and racist who murdered innocent women and children at Camp Grant. Regardless of what he accomplished, he should never be honored.

John H. Crouch

Retired educator, Tucson

Kids will be taxed

to pay our bills

Re: the July 30 article “Courthouse dome repair in bond plan.”

I’m worried by what I see as a growing trend to issue bonds to pay for maintenance.

Last fall we approved $100 million in bonds to repair Tucson streets, and now Chuck Huckelberry wants $20 million to repair the courthouse dome and other projects around the courthouse. It’s one thing to borrow money to build a school or a fire station, but we’ve neglected our roads (and the courthouse) for years and now we’re borrowing money to do what should have been done out of current tax revenue, every year.

We refuse to tax ourselves enough to pay our bills, so now our kids will have to pay them for us.

Loring Green

Retired stockbroker, Tucson

Goldberg is illiterate

as well as deaf

Re: the Aug. 3 column “Just why, pray tell, is Hillary so ‘fascinating’?”

Not only can Jonah Goldberg not read, he can’t hear, either. He asks: “Have you ever heard Hillary Clinton speak, as a politician in her own right, and been wowed by her eloquence or floored by her insights?”

Well, yes, I have. Think Beijing in 1995 at the UN World Forum on Women when Clinton wowed thousands of delegates and made one of the most important connections of that decade — women’s rights are human rights.

It mattered in the aftermath of Rwanda and Kosovo. It mattered as the International Criminal Court was pushed to include gender crimes like rape and forced pregnancy as “crimes against humanity” for the first time.

Goldberg seems to think Hillary’s major achievement is being a humiliated wife of a philandering husband. Seems to me that tells us more about Goldberg than it ever does about Hillary Clinton.

Judith McDaniel

University of Arizona professor, Tucson

Hooray for Benson

Unified School District

When the Benson Unified School District was ranked tops in the state of Arizona by the state Department of Education, it was classy for Superintendent David Woodall to give some credit to the Vail School District for the ideas and curricula Vail has shared with Benson.

However, I am sure that Benson’s achievement is really the result of steady leadership, hardworking school staff and buy-in from parents and students. Way to go, Benson!

Donald Reese

Teacher, Vail Unified School District