Keep 'Old Pueblo' till my generation is gone

Re: the July 7 article "Doing away with the 'Old.' "

I was born in Tucson (in The Stork's Nest) 80-plus years ago, and have spent my whole life with "Old Pueblo" as an endearing and distinguished title for the community known as Tucson. I believe this unique part of the world has always had that designation for the community at the foot of Sentinel Peak ("A" Mountain).

Our unique title should be celebrated and its differences made clear to the world, not discarded in favor of some made-up term to suit restless modern sensibilities.

Please don't let them change any of Tucson's titles until after my generation is completely gone.

Margaret Clampitt Bath

Green Valley

City Council cares only for ridiculous rules

Re: the June 29 article "Pizza bar folds as streetcar woes drag on."

Another week, another downtown company out of business due to the debacle known as the modern streetcar. Another week, another job-creating and tax-producing company spurned by this joke of a City Council with Regina Romero's nay to Grand Canyon University.

Yes to more regulations but no to any business wanting to provide jobs and produce tax revenue. No to any chance of the F-35 coming to Tucson, no to attracting any minor-league baseball.

This City Council is doing everything possible to ensure that downtown will not be a place to be able to park your car and enjoy a meal and entertainment. Why? Because this council cares more about ridiculous regulations than about revitalization.

I hope that voters wise up and rid this council of pontificators like Mr. Kozachik, Ms. Romero, Ms. Uhlich and Mayor Rothschild. But I do not hold out much hope.

Helge Carson

Pilot, Oro Valley

Loughner defense: I want my money back

Re: July 6 article "Loughner defense bill topped $1M."

I take exception to the article's first paragraph, in part, "taxpayers spent more than $1 million to defend him." I didn't defend him. I knew he was guilty from all the videos and pictures that were taken.

Please, return my portion of the $1.1 million. I could use it to pay my bills. I'll be waiting for the check. Thank you.

Patricia Burrus

Retired, Tucson

What's Obama doing in South Africa?

Re: the June 30 article "In South Africa, Obama continues focus on youth."

What is President Obama doing in South Africa? Spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars "trying to maintain his youthful image abroad and working to define his foreign policy legacy." What hubris! Showing off and flaunting his youthful self in a country that might soon be in deep mourning for its heroic leader, Nelson Mandela.

And how gracious of the Obamas to phone Mandela's wife at her bedside vigil for her husband. I voted twice for Obama and was filled with hope for a new day in this country for my children and grandchildren. But I find this disgusting. How about coming home and working on your national policy legacy, Mr. Obama?

Micky Schap

Retired teacher, Tucson

Hybrid vehicles are not dead-end tech

Re: the July 1 letter to the editor "Hybrid vehicles are dead-end options."

As an automotive analyst, the letter writer is out of touch on the hybrid vehicle industry. I am no expert on cars, but I do follow the trends. He states the hybrids are needlessly complicated and the batteries are "just more stuff to go wrong."

Let's take the Prius for example. It has been consistently at the top of the ratings by Consumer Reports since its introduction in 2000. The reliability of the Prius is stellar and the batteries are warranted for 10 years.

Even better, the new Chevy Volt has the plug-in capacity to go 33 miles on a charge and then revert to a small engine that runs the electric motor. Also highly thought of by the same publication.

These cars are not a dead-end alternative to the "good old gasoline engine," but a bridge to the all-electric car that needs no carbon fuel at all.

Don Malick

Retired, Oro Valley