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December 31, 2013 12:00 am

Let’s not forget

Anna Cela Greenberg

Re: the Dec. 29 article “Let us remember some Tucsonans who died in 2013.”

Let us not forget Anna Cela Greenberg, the daughter of Bruce and Alayne Greenberg, who died in May of cancer at the age of 28. She worked for the American Cancer Society before her diagnosis and had a positive attitude up to the end. She was an inspiration to all who knew her.

Shirley Kroot

Retired real estate appraiser, Tucson

Teacher Frank DiPietro reached thousands

Re: the Dec. 29 article “Let us remember some Tucsonans who died in 2013”

Let us also remember Dr. Frank S. DiPietro, who died on Dec. 6 at the age of 87. He touched the lives of tens of thousands of students.

Theresa DiPietro

Retired, Tucson

Christmas-tree story was wrong choice

Re: the Dec. 24 article “100 Christmas trees create tiny forest in couple’s home.”

What rhymes with conspicuous consumption? Poor story selection. The Daily Star got the story all wrong. This is a perfect example of the materialistic vulgarization of Christmas. Who was the intended readership of this story? The elitist 1 percent?

Pray tell: How many among us can afford the cost of 100 Christmas trees to gaudily decorate our home? I would have been impressed if the story was about this family’s donating 99 Christmas trees to many people who could not afford a Christmas tree this year. What were you thinking?

Glenn Johnson

Retired therapist, Tucson

With Isquierdo, no wonder district hurting

Re: the Dec. 18 article “Isquierdo now faces new US tax debt.”

Sunnyside Superintendent Manuel Isquierdo owes the federal government $57,000 for unpaid income taxes, in addition to various other unpaid taxes on property. Yet he makes $237,500 a year, probably 10 times the household income of many families who send their children to schools in his district.

No wonder Sunnyside is fraught with budget problems. Its superintendent thinks nothing of spending our taxes indiscriminately, but he doesn’t pay his own. I’m certainly relieved that Isquierdo is not handling my finances.

Ann Tousley

Teacher, Tucson

Glitches to be expected on major public program

One needs to realize that when a large program — designed to provide insurance coverage to millions and increase the coverage of millions more — launches, there will be some glitches. Certainly not of the impeachable type or even close to it.

If you look back at when major programs such as Medicare, Social Security and most recently “Romneycare” in Massachusetts, you find it took years to resolve all issues. Had everyone pulled together to make the health law a success, we would probably not be experiencing these problems, but unfortunately, we have a large group of politicians and individuals who find fault with anything this president does.

The president’s efforts to provide coverage to all who need it should be lauded. It will take time to resolve all problems. It will succeed as long as we look past the negative reporting and commentary.

Wayne Kielsmeier

Business owner, Tucson

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