Editor's note: We asked readers to share what they're thankful for - here are some of their responses.

We will run "thanks" letters throughout the holiday season. Please send yours to letters@azstarnet.com and include your name, occupation and contact information. Please keep your submission to 150 words.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thankful for love, job, home, living in Arizona

I'm thankful for meeting the love of my life, Christie, five years ago (and who married me just over three years ago), the day after Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for the good health of the six wonderful, and beautiful grandchildren.

I'm thankful for having a great job and being employed.

I'm thankful that I have a beautiful home.

I'm thankful that I live in Arizona.

I'm thankful for our wonderful pet, a Labrador retriever named Trigger, and all the fun he has brought into our lives.

Thomas Shafer

Quality assurance inspector, Tucson



Grateful for gift of transplant organ

At this time of year three years ago a family was struggling with the impending death of a beloved son but decided to turn their personal tragedy into the ultimate gift of life.

They donated their son's organs to a transplant center.

At the same time, I had been sitting in one of 18 chairs for almost two years with 17 other patients in a kidney dialysis center. We all shared the same dismal outlook on our futures, but for some reason I was the fortunate one who got a call that a kidney was available.

That call changed my life forever. But some of my friends are still in their chairs hopelessly hoping for a similar call. Some have been there for over 10 years; many are missing limbs; others have died, and most of them have lumps and bruises from years of being stuck with 15-gauge needles.

There is a tragic shortage of organ donors in this country, but that situation does not have to exist.

It is such an easy thing to become an organ donor by registering with a donor network in your state or simply by having a "D" printed on your driver's license. In Arizona go to https://www.azdonorregistry.org/

I'm hoping that by sharing my story with others some of you may become organ donors. You would literally be giving new life to another human being, and that person would be as forever grateful as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bob Schwarzenbach

Retired, Tucson

People's kindness earns the thanks of a resident

I'm thankful for all the kind people in Tucson.

Since my deteriorating health in my 80s, and my having to walk with a cane, walking sticks, or a walker for the last years, so many kind people have opened and held doors for me (sometimes even running or walking quickly to get there before me), held the elevator door open for me, and/or greeted me with friendly hellos!

I'm certain Tucson would win any contest with another city for kindness. Thank you for this chance to say "thank you" again.

Pat Martin

Tucsonan since 1960

Thankful for all people who care for ill father

As my father lives his final journey suffering from the loneliness and pain of Alzheimers, I am thankful this Thanksgiving for the people who treat him with respect and dignity as the distinguished person he once was.

His caregiver Angelina who helps him face his daily challenges; his doctors Lending, Epstein, Gannon, and Budradoja, the people he sits near at St. Cyril's and truly share the act of compassion, and to special friends who helped share his 85th birthday at a Padres game this summer.

I am thankful too for the anonymous person or soul who has reached out to him when we shop or dine out and says a kind word to him or acknowledges him as a real person and not a distraction.

I am also thankful I am able to share this final journey with him.

Matt Welch


Appreciative for person who returned lost purse

A huge thank you to the lady who rescued my purse from a shopping cart and later turned it in, intact, to Target at Oracle and Roger roads on Saturday evening.

We spent a frantic two hours in the parking lot convinced it was stolen.

Thank you for calling my niece on my cellphone to advise me that you were taking it to the store.

I wish I could thank you in person. Also, thank you to Aaron in security at Target who was most professional and helpful.

Gloria McLeod

Registered nurse, Tucson

My heartfelt thanks for hospitals' care

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the medical staff at both Tucson Medical Center and University of Arizona Medical Center. 

Without their astounding diligence and support, I might not be alive today. 

I especially want to thank the nursing care staff at University of Arizona Medical Center, ICU and CCU, for their kindness and comfort during a very difficult time. 

Finally, I want to thank Dr. Marlon Guerrero and his team for removing the tumor and putting me on the road to health.

Anne Delaney