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February 19, 2014 12:00 am

Obamacare works

great for me

I am saving money and have better coverage thanks to Obamacare. I had an almost worthless “catastrophic” policy for which I paid $175 per month. I would have been into it for an additional $14,000 each year before it would have protected my meager assets.

Through the insurance exchange, I now have the best insurance I’ve ever had (even considering the high-end

BlueCross from my previous employer or my wife’s insurance from the state of California) and I pay $50 per month with an annual out-of-pocket maximum of $1,000.

It has provided a sense of security I’ve never experienced before and made me confident enough to jump into starting my new contracting business ... and still sleep at night.

Michael DeSantis

Electrical contractor, Tucson

Critical thinking vital

to education reform

Re: the Feb. 11 guest column “Unlike information, critical thinking never gets stale.”

University of Arizona educator Guadalupe Lozano’s guest column on the value of critical thinking as the ultimate goal of good teaching should be required reading for anyone interested in education reform.

Lozano’s description of strategic and imaginative problem solving within the context of mathematics learning is applicable to literacy learning in any academic subject.

In the same edition of the Star, Tucson Unified School District Superintendent H.T. Sanchez describes the district’s current state mostly in terms of financial issues and assessment scores. Is critical thinking addressed in his five-year master plan?

It would be a positive step  if educators and lawmakers would heed Lozano’s reflective approach to math and science education.

Randall S. Smith

Retired teacher, Tucson

Killing of 43 lions

in Aravaipa is sick

Re: the Feb. 16. column “In Aravaipa Canyon, 43 lions killed for bighorns.”

Could it be that the Arizona Game and Fish Commission has a bunch of trophy-hunting friends and relatives who are using our tax dollars to fund this sick and deplorable scam?

Gil Urias

Cinematographer, Tucson

‘Downton’ too similar

to our universities

Re: the Feb. 13 column “An unhealthy longing to know one’s place.”

After reading George Will’s column I wondered why he never pointed out the similarities between “Downton Abbey” and the American university.

Tenured professors hold their “appointments” as lords, drawing salaries for life while their footmen and valets — known better as adjunct instructors — work tirelessly year-round for poverty wages.

The professorial class refuses to engage students in learning; rather, they lecture to them in theater-size classes.

Meanwhile, the livery of adjunct instructors shake in their boots from semester to semester, fearful of not being granted a course to teach. To keep their classes, this oppressed underclass must find a patron among the tenured lot or risk being put out at whim.

This feudal system thrives in every state, sucking economies dry and debasing education. The same myth of noblesse oblige that we find such compelling entertainment also keeps us from seeing the ugly truth of the university system.

When will we vote out this pariah class of tenured professors once and for all?

Allison Duchamps

Artist, Tucson

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