Reduce all spending,

not just military

These “wars” are winding down, but there are those who would increase military spending. Others wish to train our returning troops to “defend” America within, an interior police force.

Common sense would dictate that all spending across the board is in need of reduction, not just the military.

With 48 million Americans depending on the SNAP and the possible millions of Americans that are unemployed or underemployed, common sense would tell us that we must begin to put the people first.

In closing, the truth is, America is stone broke. Why would we wish to enhance our military spending when we can’t even pay down our debt?

Will Rogers famously said, “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.”

Michael Clegg


Enough whining

over noisy planes

“Keep new, noisy planes away from D-M” by Linda Abrams is just another example of a civilian who has no idea of the mission of the fighter aircraft and is concerned only with her quality of life and forgetting that those noisy aircraft help to keep her safe. Of course, she would be very happy to see the noisy aircraft flying over any other area.

Linda, freedom isn’t free and comes with some inconveniences, so get used to it and stop whining.

John W. Humphrys

Retired Army officer,


Ex-Tucson mayor has

only praise for VA care

Since 1945, I have relied on the VA hospital only intermittently to address issues resulting from the combat wound I incurred during WWII in the battle of Saipan. However, during the last eight years I have become more and more dependent on VA health care for my medical needs stemming from that injury and from the infirmities of aging.

The health care I have received has been excellent. The doctors and nurses in the various medical disciplines have not only been sensitive to my needs in words but in action.

They have tried to schedule appointments in a timely manner, often back to back, to accommodate me. My care has been conscientiously coordinated so that providers have access to each other’s notes.

They return phone calls promptly and order necessary prescriptions that quickly arrive by mail.

My primary care physician, Dr. Cynthia Johnston, has been patient and thorough.

Only praise, no complaints here.

It was very disheartening to read that many VA hospitals in the U.S. are engaged in negligent, even corrupt practices. These criticisms must be taken seriously and every effort must be made to rectify the situation and to hold those responsible fully accountable.

I appreciate the high standard of care I have received at the VA Hospital in Tucson.

George Miller

U.S. Marine

and former Tucson mayor

System failed again

in California shootings

Could anything have been done that would have prevented the young man accused of the mass murders in Santa Barbara? Unfortunately, we’ll never know.

I do believe that from what we’ve been told more could have been done and definitely by people who were more trained than the police officers who visited recently with the suspect. To hear that he was able to convince these officers that he was “fine” shows how untrained they were to be called at a time like this. The fact that they never viewed the YouTube video that had alarmed the young man’s parents is beyond belief.

This along with the unfortunate fact that the boy’s parents themselves didn’t do more in taking extreme measures to have their son hospitalized so possibly he could have gotten more help and in doing so save the lives of those other students.

The system definitely didn’t work.

Bob Dorson

Volunteer/student, Tucson

Climate change skeptic

spreads false data

Re: May 26 letter “ ‘Climate change’ reeks of politics.”

Letter-writer Darrel Thayne recently wrote that former Vice President Al Gore made over $700 million from global warming. This is just another Karl Rove-like claim made to put a lie in the public domain hoping folks will swallow it and spread it.

I found $700 million related to Al Gore in this site:, having nothing to do with global warming.

Where did Thayne get the false information about Gore and his information about scientists being paid $3.2 million for their findings? I know the moon is not made of green cheese, no matter how much you pay me.

I suggest Thayne check the Earthweek Section of the Star for the week ending May 23 containing information about powerful winds occurring at Antarctica, which are the strongest in 1,000 years.

The information was provided by Australian National University. Was it a political claim and were they paid for it?

Jerry Lujan

Retired Foreign Service officer,


UA softball team

has earned praise

Re: the May 27 article “UA softball: Cats already looking forward to 2015 after Super Regional ouster.”

Thanks to the UA softball team for months of great playing. I am in “Mike Candrea’s Corner” and I plan on staying on for the long haul. I enjoyed hours of watching our team and sitting in the outfield seeing home runs fly over the fence. A great bargain for the season tickets.

There’s always next year.

Ruth Hanon

RN, retired, Tucson