Marana district fails all with poor traffic control

Re: the May 25 article "Woman, 82, hit by SUV after commencement dies."

I have been to night time events at Mountain View High School. The parking is abysmal. The only off-site parking is across the street at the shopping center. The lack of lighting was and obviously still is an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately for Dorothy Penrod's family, a joyous occasion turned into a tragedy, rather than a treasured memory.

Marana Unified School District failed the students, the families and the taxpayers by ignoring the need for traffic control and the need for clearly lit parking.

By holding the graduation ceremonies in the stadium, the district acknowledged the fact that there would be an excessive numbers of attendees. The venue clearly was not a suitable location and an alternative should have been chosen.

The county zoning department should have been consulted for safety measures, traffic control obtained and mobile lighting plants placed to provide increased visibility.

Elizabeth C. Crown


Respect differences, commonalities

Re: the May 23 article "AZ House debate: Did lawmaker deliver a nonprayer?"

I pray (hope) that Rep. Steve Smith, while appreciating our commonalities, comes to respect our honest differences. Rep. Jamescita Peshlakai (Navaho) showed much liberating wisdom telling Mr. Smith: Your God is no more powerful than my God.

The great theologian Karl Rahner insists that "God is a mystery."

So why keep letting the mysterious unknown divide us when we are all praying for what atheist Mendez prayed (hoped) for? Is it faith-based blindness we saw recently on a bloodied street in London (his God is great); is it our frustration with our limited power when gunmen and weather kill innocent adults and children?

Let's all hope (pray to each other) that we can lovingly open our eyes to each other's real common hopes as we get free of blinding superstitions of the past. The Golden Rule still works for all, believers and nonbelievers.

Stephen F. Uhl

Retired psychologist, Oro Valley

Religious freedom a constitutional right

Re: the May 29 column "Arbiter of proper prayer showed arrogance."

I am flabbergasted by the arrogance of Rep. Steve Smith in response to Rep. Juan Mendez's prayer to open a session of the state assembly. I am a Christian, an ordained minister and conservative in my Christian beliefs. However, we live in the United States of America, which gives us freedom of religion and the very fact that Rep. Smith says he supports only what is written in the Constitution is proven hollow indeed when he belittles a colleague for practicing his constitutionally given and assembly-sanctioned right to lead the session in prayer.

While I do not agree with Rep. Mendez's beliefs, I wholeheartedly support his right to practice them in the respectful manner that he did. Shame on you, Mr. Smith.

Erin Leigh Girdler

Pastor, Tucson

Criticism of Obama about policies, agenda

Re: the May 23 letter to the editor "Racism underpins some attacks on Obama."

I read the letter in which he states that he can't recall in his life time any president taking such heat as Obama. The writer has a very short memory as President Bush was under attack from the Democrats, liberals, news networks, Arizona Daily Star, et cetera for eight years.

He was called Hitler, warmonger and many other outrageous names. The fact that Obama is black has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's his polices and agenda that are being challenged.

He is trying to turn us into a communist/socialist country and he needs to be stopped - that is why the 2014 election is so important.

This administration is the most divisive, corrupt we have ever had and the current scandals, which most of the mainstream media chooses to ignore, prove it.

It is a shame that our first black president will be such a failure.

Jerry McCracken

Small-business owner, Tucson