Some rights advocates simply worship guns

Re: the March 26 article "Gun store owner halts purchase of semiautomatic rifle by Kelly."

As someone who's owned guns for some 60 years, I find it fairly amazing that there are folks who on the one hand believe it's my sacred right to own pretty much any gun I want and take it with me anywhere I want, but on the other hand believe they have a sacred right to tell me what I can and can't do with that gun, in particular that I can't simply destroy it.

Seems to me these folks should stop pretending they know anything about the Second Amendment, or the Constitution in general, and admit that they worship their guns, and guns in general.

Their faith will be in complete alignment with the NRA, the arms industry and gun shop owners like Doug MacKinlay.

Then folks like MacKinlay can set up small rooms for worship in the back of their home or business, complete with appropriate altars, offerings, music, videos, weekly services and compelling rituals.

Primitive cultures in the past have worshiped their weapons, why not now?

Stephen Brown

Retired physicist, Benson

War criminals list omitted quite a few

Re: the March 26 letter to the editor "Try Bush, Cheney, et al. for war crimes."

Your letters column began with a history lesson from a man who noted that we hanged people in Nuremburg 1946 for their war crimes and that we should do something similar to Bush- Cheney et al. His history book apparently did not reference Truman-Korea, Kennedy-Bay of Pigs, Johnson-Vietnam, Clinton-Bosnia or Bush I-Iraq I - or else he has pardoned those men.

History books also contain chapters that tell us that nations are not defeated by wars, invasions or bombings or men who take a strong position, such as Reagan or Churchill or Truman, and that includes George W. Bush. They mostly crumble from within, which brings to mind our current leadership and policies.

Jerome Gallagher


Mark Kelly wasted our time with gun purchase

Re: the March 26 article "Gun store owner halts purchase of semiautomatic rifle by Kelly."

Come on now, Mark Kelly, what were you trying to prove by purchasing a rifle through the correct background checks? You argue for universal background checks and that is exactly what was needed for you to purchase this rifle. So stop playing around with people who are trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Kelly is wasting everyone's time by showing us that Diamondback Police Supply was doing their job correctly. Canceling the order was the right thing to do.

If someone says that they're not going to keep the rifle, then by all means do not sell them a rifle.

Brice Graham

Red Rock

Medical marijuana provided needed relief

Re: the March 25 guest column by A. Melvin McDonald "Medical marijuana gains unlikely advocate."

All I can say is "Amen." After contracting shingles in my left eye, which left the entire left quarter of my head from my eye to the crown of my head in such pain that I had to stop picking up the mail because the wind blowing my short hair hurt so much, I tried a variety of treatments: three nerve blocks, Botox shots, and hot pepper patch treatment.

Then, in January 1 was approved for medical marijuana use and finally, finally found relief from 24-hour-a-day pain thanks to the salve I made with it.

Therefore, it angers me to hear some current state legislators declare that marijuana doesn't help anybody.

And it delights me to read that McDonald's son has found relief after exhausting all other medical treatments.

Candace Gardner

Retired teacher, Green Valley

Those who hurt PCC cannot repair it

Re: the March 24 editorial "For good of PCC, 4 board members need to resign."

What is going on with Pima Community College?

The interim chancellor has resigned that position as of mid-April only to continue employment as a campus president. The interim chancellor is responsible for shaping the response to the Higher Learning Council for PCC to avoid probation.

Yet, the HLC reported the interim chancellor distorts and misrepresents facts. It would have been prudent for the Governing Board to seek an independent interim once HLC made this claim in order to show they were interested in righting affairs.

I doubt that the PCC board members will find a way out of the mess they have created. It is not rational to expect those who have hurt the college to find remedies that will fix the college.

I support the Star's call for all, except Dr. Sylvia Lee, to resign.

Richard H. Fridena


Since when do gun shops care about plans?

Re: the March 26 article "Gun store owner halts purchase of semiautomatic rifle by Kelly."

I'm not sure I've got this straight: Gun sellers can/have to ask a gun buyer the reason he is buying a gun and if the seller doesn't like the reason, he can refuse to sell the gun?

Since when do gun sellers care why someone is buying a gun or ammo? Are gun sellers required to ask the reason for the purchase?

And, of course, buyers are required to tell the reason for the purchase? Arizona's gun laws are confusing.

Rosanne Thompson

Retired teacher, Tucson

Voters deserve a cut of AZ comedy income

Re: the Mar. 26 article "Bathroom gender bill revised."

Arizona's "Comedy Central" in Phoenix is at it again. If members of our Legislature are going to continue providing skit material for comedians across the country, we - the state of Arizona - should get a kickback.

The voters of this state put these people in office and deserve a cut in the profits that the comedians are making off of us. We all know Arizona could use the money.

Don Gerlach

Retired, Tucson

If shame was Star's goal, it succeeded

Re: March 28 story "What Loughner's parents knew."

Was today's attention-getting headline focusing on Loughner's parents an attempt to add to their heavy burden of shame?

No doubt you succeeded. But the shame is on you for your insensitivity and your addiction to sensationalism above all other considerations.

Teresa Sheehan

Retired school counselor, Tucson

What does a guy have to do?

Re: the March 27 headline "Giffords' husband pulls dog off sea lion."

Shouldn't the headline read "Mark Kelly pulls dog off sea lion"?

Kelly's heroic action, worthy of an astronaut! His daughter's dog! Giffords not present. What does a guy have to do around here to get famous?

Judy Ray's husband

Poet, professor, half dog owner, Tucson