Bush's time in military leaves vet wondering

While I do not agree with President George W. Bush's reasoning for putting us in two wars, I can understand his need to do something during an extremely difficult time in our history.

However, I would really like to know is why when I was flying combat missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and he was flying combat missions over Texas he went "DNIF" - "Duty Not Including Flight".

I have never begrudged anyone for avoiding active duty. If he was awake during his intelligence briefings, he may have even understood what and where the "trail" was. I wish I had the opportunity to ask him about this.

I would also like to ask his mom and dad about their pride in how he did this. A simple footnote, I went to Vietnam on my mother's birthday.

Kurt A. Ohlrich

Retired, Oro Valley

MAS replacement unnecessary

Re: the April 27 article "TUSD plans new class to replace MAS."

I don't get the uproar over dismantling the Mexican American Studies program and the course designed to replace it. I grew up in a 99 percent Jewish Midwest neighborhood. Until high school I didn't know about other cultures.

You might think it was different then. Not so much. There were gangs, drugs and weapons in school. Both parents worked. My friends and I didn't need a course to "move students toward common core standards." We figured it out by ourselves. People are naturally curious.

Our insulated group learned about Greek culture from Greek friends and Asian culture from classmates who brought sushi for lunch. We were thrown together. The result? I fail to see the differences in people as much as I see the similarities.

Do we need classes to help us understand different cultures? Can't we trust young people to figure out multiculturalism by doing what they do best: being open-minded and questioning the status quo?

Marcy Tigerman

Case manager, Tucson

Flake, McCain stance on immigration lauded

I've been reading a lot of the letters to the editor slamming Sen. Jeff Flake for his stance on the gun debate.

While that issue is certainly hypersensitive, especially here in Tucson, he has taken a much better stance on the immigration debate. It took courage for him and Sen. John McCain to sponsor such a comprehensive immigration bill that - gasp! - includes a path to citizenship for those already here.

The bill will modernize our long-outdated immigration system, and will ultimately help us have a secure border and simplified legal immigration process. While I may disagree with Sens. Flake and McCain on many, many things, I do respect that they took on this issue.

Peter Anders


Country better now than pre-FDR era

Re: April 26 letter to the editor "Reward immigrants who obey our laws."

The writer implies that our wonderful country was better when there was no Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. This is a Grover Norquist mentality in that he wishes that everything would revert back to pre-Franklin D. Roosevelt days.

Do we really want to live the way things were back in the '20s or before? Even Abraham Lincoln had stated something like the government has a duty to care for its citizens.

There is no greater moral issue or investment by our government that the welfare of its citizens.

Herman E. Klap

Retired, Sahuarita