‘Koufax’ headline was inappropriate

Re: the Sept. 13 article “Jewish kicker won’t pull a Sandy Koufax.”

I was disappointed to see the use of the phrase “won’t pull a Sandy Koufax” to describe Jake Smith’s decision not to fast on Yom Kippur. According to the dictionary, the most likely interpretation of the informal phrase “pull a…” is to carry out something deceitful or illegal.

Writing that Smith “won’t pull a Sandy Koufax” suggests that Koufax’s decision not to play baseball on Yom Kippur was less than honorable. The comparison is confusing because the Arizona game begins an hour after Yom Kippur is over. For Smith, playing on Yom Kippur wasn’t a choice; it was impossible.

I believe that how one chooses to celebrate a holy day is a highly personal decision; therefore, any implied judgment or judgment by comparison is inappropriate.

Kent Paul Barrabee


Headline disrespectful of Koufax, Jewish faith

Re: the Sept. 13 article “Jewish kicker won’t pull a Sandy Koufax.”

I remember when Koufax drew the line that he would not pitch on the Jewish High Holiday of Yom Kippur out of respect for religious tradition. To describe something as “pull a” in this context is to suggest trickery or irresponsibly avoiding an obligation. The headline (not the story) impugns the integrity of Koufax, a man whose behavior off the field has been exemplary as was his great performance as a pitcher. It also disrespects a religion.

Barry Kirschner

Attorney, Tucson

Paper did right thing

with its apology

Re: the Sept. 14 “Note to readers.”

A thank you to Daily Star Editor Bobbie Jo Buel for apologizing for the “insensitive characterization” of Sandy Koufax’s decision to observe Yom Kippur rather than play baseball. I have been and continue to be proud of my local paper for its ethics, dedicated reporting and willingness to acknowledge mistakes.

Susan Freud


Seems GOP is afraid Obamacare will work

Now that the Republican-controlled Congress has spent untold millions voting 41 times to repeal Obamacare, and the far right fringe wants to shut down our government to defund it, and the Phoenix contingent wants to spend even more of our tax dollars in court to keep it out of Arizona, you have to ask: What are they afraid of?

If it turns out to be the job-killing, death-panel-filled, socialist menace they claim, it would be the best thing that ever happened to the Republicans since Reagan! With all they have done to obstruct everything Obama has tried to do, you would think they would be giddy at having Obamacare crash and burn going into the midterms.

No, folks, they are afraid it will work and if it does, they won’t be able to suppress enough votes to stay relevant.

Buddy P. Gill


Ineffective boards ensure PCC scandals

There’s nothing new under the Pima Community College sun. From its inception, the college has been regularly rocked by scandals, the most recent being the accusations of sexual harassment against former Chancellor Roy Flores.

The day after Flores was hired, we faculty were discussing our new chancellor’s history of sexual harassment, a history the Board of Governors should have been aware of.

As long as incompetent and/or lazy individuals are elected to the board, the college will keep embarrassing itself and the community it serves.

Jefferson Carter

Retired writing instructor, Tucson