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Don’t let refugees be victims of suspicion

Re: the Nov. 17 article “Ducey would end refugee placements in Arizona.”

Unfortunately, because of Gov. Ducey, those refugees who have already settled in this state stand a good chance of becoming the victims of suspicion and intolerance, if they aren’t already.

My hope is that my city, at least, doesn’t fall victim to those same irrational fears. The governor should be ashamed of himself for demeaning a tragic human-rights situation based on thoughtless suspicion, making this state intolerable for refugees who might otherwise have found Arizona to be the place of their dreams.

Steve Brooks

East side

After kids, refugees, who’s next for Ducey?

Glad to see Gov. Doug Ducey practicing his Christian faith through his treatment of children and refugees.

Gosh, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the widows and orphans!

Patricia Clymer

Northwest side

Government inviting a Paris-like attack here

After backing the anti-Assad rebels and creating the largest humanitarian crisis ever seen, our government is about to ask the U.S. taxpayers to shoulder the financial burden and risk of supporting them.

No viable means of doing background checks, just bring them in, all 100,000 to 250,000, to selected cities near you. And you’ll notice, there’s been very little news about their impending arrival. Never mind that one of the attackers in Paris was carrying a Syrian passport.

Never mind that ISIS is rumored to have planted covert jihadists inside the many refugee camps.

And people wonder whether the same thing that happened in Paris might happen again here? All I can say is, yes, our government is inviting it to happen again.

You say that compassion dictates that we act? I say, common sense dictates that our government protect us and be held accountable.

Mark Richardson


Background-check loophole must be closed

A Background Completion Act introduced in the Senate says that a background check must be completed before any gun sale proceeds. As it stands now, “default to proceed” which means, after 72 hours the gun is released to the buyer even if the background check is not received back to the dealer. The act will close this loophole and keep guns out of the hands of those that are not legally qualified to own guns.

Nine out of eleven Americans support completion background checks and 73 percent of gun owners support the act.

Already in 2015 nearly 300 mass shootings where 4 or more were shot. There needs to be a change in background checks to close the loophole and protect our citizens.

Carol Montgomery


Liberal bias undermined police chief selection

Re: the Nov. 15 column “In choosing police chief, citizens hold trump card.”

The selection process for a new Tucson police chief, as outlined in the Star on Nov. 15, is laughable.

It is also a sad commentary that this nation has continued to promote politics on the extreme left as the answer to all problems facing our country. The so-called “executive team,” staffed with liberals that interviewed the candidates, is a glaring example of a sick bias that undermines the true democratic spirit of this country and subordinates common sense and law enforcement as a “social” experiment in appeasement.

The “executive team” favors Christopher Magnus, currently, chief of police of Richmond, California. It cite his allegiance to the movement, “Black Lives Matter,” and some praise him for his commitment to this movement. This so-called movement is nothing more than a vicious attack on our law enforcement officers across the nation, and is designed to promote hatred. The interview team will not have to work with Magnus, our police officers will.

William Davis

Green Valley

Relatives on TUSD audit committee a concern

Re: the Nov. 12 column “3 on TUSD audit team have conflict, and district’s OK with that.”

After literally years of not acting on numerous recommendations to establish an independent audit committee, Tucson Unified School District has finally done so.

However, as reported by the Star and as discussed in the opinion piece by Sarah Garrecht Gassen, the authorizing language for the committee allows members to be related to employees of TUSD. Superintendent H.T. Sanchez says he wants members to have a stake in the district — just the opposite of what is needed to ensure independent reviews free of conflicts of interests.

The majority of the board approved this language, the same majority that approved a huge salary increase for Sanchez just a few months ago. As a former school board member, I find these actions to be of great concern.

Dale Keyes